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so, is Ingress ever going to officially make a new backstory?  Because all this silliness with the portal viruses...the resistance should want the portals to disappear, it eliminates them from ever being under shaper control.  The only purpose of resistance capturing portals, according to the story, is to keep the enlightened from having them.   What better way to keep someone from having something you don't want yourself, than to utterly and completely destroy it?

riding down the freeway, a piece of hard paper/cardboard flew out of someone's window and wrapped harmlessly around my leg.  I shook my leg; it wouldn't come off.  I had to reach down and pull it off my leg with my hand.
Only now, I have trash in my hand...shaking your leg is one thing, but taking trash that is in your hand and throwing it into the road is an Evil.  It is a Thing Which Should Not Be Done.
The obvious retort is that I didn't produce the trash, I didn't put it where it was, thus I wasn't responsible and thus I can throw it on the ground.  But wait!  Let's imagine a world where the car it came from was driven by someone who had given a ride to someone else, and that other person had put the trash in their car.   The driver saw the trash and decided that they didn't produce the trash, they didn't put it where it was, thus they weren't responsible for it and thus they could throw it on the ground.
So I put the trash in my pocket, and threw it away when I got to work.  Deep, huh.  ;)

was in Sugar Land, TX, this past week (actually, 3 of the last 4 weeks).  It is named after Imperial Sugar Company, who started there and for years made most of their refined sugar there.

While in a hotel mere moments from the old sugar factory which build the town, I was making some coffee and reached for the sugar packets - seeing the brand, I instinctively recoiled; I've not done Domino for years regardless.  Then it struck me how odd our little society has become, that it is "cheaper" (only because of the 99.9% verus 0.1% thing...) to buy a packet of sugar from 1000+ miles away than it is to do the hometown thing and get it from literally down the street.

I know, I know, supply channels and etc.  I do project management as a subset of my work - redesigning production processes, mostly - so part sourcing is something with which I'm familiar.  /That/ it is cheaper is the sad thing, to me.  Much like how we take whole chickens here in the US, ship them to China to be butchered, and they ship us back packaged chicken.  That's just...sad.  We're an inefficient, destructive species.

Might be going to schaffhausen, Switzerland in a month or such...almost makes up for the fact I likely will be spending most of February in houston :p

The top 1% have 65times as much total wealth as the bottom 50% have combined total - 50x as many people, for 65x as much wealth.  That's only a disparity of 1/3,250.  A little further - the poorest half of the world - 3.6 billion people - have the same combined total wealth as the richest 85 people.  That's a disparity of nearly 1 to 42 million.
Yeah, sounds perfectly reasonable and sustainable.  After all, we're just animals anyway - we're not even real people.

you know the bit where Harry Potter was protected until his 15th birthday or whatever?  I think I must have had the same thing, but mine was until my 40th.
Someone lost some sheet metal on the freeway a bit ago in front of me - the curvy kind used for siding/roofing or whatnot.  Anyway, there was an accident in front and to the left of me caused by one sheet, and then the car in front of me ran over another and kicked it up in the air - and into my face.  Had the wind caught it just slightly different, I could have easily been decapitated.  Instead, the bike I just got back from repairs now has scratches and gouges all over it, from where a sheet of metal wrapped around my bike at 70mph.

Fun times.  Eh, whatever.

in other news, I keep getting really close to convincing Sarah to leave.  A couple days ago she told me if it weren't for the allergies, she may well have given in to the Costa Rica idea already...which means of course that we need to try out the northwest area of CR (Liberia, Guanacaste, etc)

no but is a company that has barely been around for a few seconds, is already going down hill, and generates nothing but hundreds of millions in losses...worth more than companies that make a real product, have been around for over a century, and have a globally-recognized brand?  I don't get why facebook is worth even 1/50 what it's "value" is...but twitter?   really?

well, it finally happened.  "It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when" as the saying goes.  Was hit by a car, while on my bike.  Can't move my left arm now - wasn't any pain for the first 36 hours until I tried to uncork a wine bottle - apparently, outward pressure (ie, moving my left arm lefterly) is extremely painful.  Now I just need more to drink.  My bike is toast, my knee is farked (but will heal, if I stay off it for a while).  Concussion, all that.  Bah.
Guy crossed the solid yellow, but paused - I tried to go around him, but there was no time.  Yes yes, I was doing the entirely legal activity called "lane sharing" or, as cagers call it, "splitting."  If he hadn't crossed the yellow, I wouldn't have spent that night in the ER.  So it goes, I guess.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm still secretly listening to the new "Americana" wave of music.  But then, of the first dozen songs I could sing and play on the guitar, at least a third were CCR...
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