GTM has a new, open format for adding tag templates!  With this, we're starting a program ( for tag vendors to submit their tags directly to GTM.   

We're super excited about this new program.  It's going to rapidly increase the number of tag templates that GTM supports out of the box.  The first batch of these landed just over a week ago:

   * Affiliate Window
   * Ve Interactive
   * Neustar
   * Eularian 
   * Mouseflow
   * Nudge
   * SearchForce
   * TradeDoubler
   * Google Consumer Surveys

Previously, Google engineers had to be very involved in adding new tags.  We had to spend a lot of time to gather the requirements for each tag.  After that, a Google engineer would write a custom UI, a data model and then the JavaScript for each tag.  That doesn't scale! 

With this new system, tag vendors can submit a small set of files (a lot like a browser extension or mobile app).  The tag template will be reviewed and tested by Google, and then automatically added to GTM's UI for everyone to use.

This new program is much faster and a lot easier for everyone involved.  If you'd like to see your favorite tag inside GTM, please help us get the word out about this new program.  Encourage the vendors that you work with to check it out.  It's a quick, easy way to get their tags integrated into GTM.
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