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This is a series of short videos on art, philosophy, history, etc. Super entertaining, and a little inspiring.

Highly recommended!
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Brian Kuhn

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I've seen self driving cars before, but never one of theses cute ones...
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Brian Kuhn

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Some interesting bits about Google projects. Looks like this will be an interesting channel...
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Good find
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Brian Kuhn

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Amazing story. What a surreal experience!
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Wow, +Matt Matyas that is definitely worse.
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Brian Kuhn

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Many new tag types in GTM today...
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+Abiodun Thorpe  believe me I did :-)
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Brian Kuhn

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Very interesting...
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Interesting on many levels. Mostly him looking drunk. :) But it does make you wonder just how many other habits adults form where we don't even realize there may be other ways to think or solve a problem.
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Brian Kuhn

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GTM now has multi-environment testing. Some nice new features here:
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Great stuff Brian!
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Brian Kuhn

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The Crazy Egg tag template is now live...
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+Daniel Grieves

The instruction to the user on the CE tag template page are not clear enough.

An example ID should be provided.

No, I am not using a macro.

I initially just entered a 4digit string.

I now know, that I am required to enter an 8digit string (there is no way I would have known this, unless I was told).

The form validation on the template only checks I am entering an string (with no special characters). It does not warn that the string MUST be 8 characters.


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Brian Kuhn

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GTM has a new, open format for adding tag templates!  With this, we're starting a program ( for tag vendors to submit their tags directly to GTM.   

We're super excited about this new program.  It's going to rapidly increase the number of tag templates that GTM supports out of the box.  The first batch of these landed just over a week ago:

   * Affiliate Window
   * Ve Interactive
   * Neustar
   * Eularian 
   * Mouseflow
   * Nudge
   * SearchForce
   * TradeDoubler
   * Google Consumer Surveys

Previously, Google engineers had to be very involved in adding new tags.  We had to spend a lot of time to gather the requirements for each tag.  After that, a Google engineer would write a custom UI, a data model and then the JavaScript for each tag.  That doesn't scale! 

With this new system, tag vendors can submit a small set of files (a lot like a browser extension or mobile app).  The tag template will be reviewed and tested by Google, and then automatically added to GTM's UI for everyone to use.

This new program is much faster and a lot easier for everyone involved.  If you'd like to see your favorite tag inside GTM, please help us get the word out about this new program.  Encourage the vendors that you work with to check it out.  It's a quick, easy way to get their tags integrated into GTM.
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Facebook, Twitter
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Brian Kuhn

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+Brian Kuhn 

Yes, I am seeing the output of the increasing usage of GTM in terms of demand for expertise.

I just posted a survey on this here:


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Brian Kuhn

Migration to V2 Questions  - 
Took a stab at the migration questions from Phil's moderator...

"Do I need to make any optional changes to triggers & variables after migration?"

No changes are required. But you probably will want to consider upgrading a few things (eventually - no rush). The deprecated Listener tags are one good example. They should be replaced by triggers. Some custom variables will be redundant with Built-ins too. You can upgrade these easily:

1) Disable built-in
2) Rename custom var to name of built-in.
3) Enable built-in
4) Choose overwrite

"Whats the difference between auto-migration and manual export/import of a container? (other than the GTM-xxxx change)"

These should mostly be the same, but with the export method, you are losing your old versions. Migration will migrate everything.

"How long does it take to complete a migration?"

Depends on how many versions you have. It can take one hour or several.

"I think that I have found a migration bug/issue, how do I report this?"

Post it on the G+ community.

"Does migrating mean that I dont need to update the GTM-xxxx account ID?"

Yep. And you get to keep all your old versions and container history.

"I can not see the migrate button - what level of account access is needed?"

Manage access.

"Can I edit tags in my V1 accounts as normal when it is in mid-migration, will these changes be migrated? (or should I wait for the migration to finish before editing)"

You can edit in V1 during migration. No need to stop your normal workflow.

"Is it better to wait until the auto-migration, or manually migrate now?"

Manually migrate now. Do it on your own schedule. Otherwise it will be randomly migrated while you're in the middle if an important deployment.

"Can I migrate one container at a time? (rather then the whole account)"

Nope. You can create a test account though, export a single container into it and then migrate that account. I really don't think this is necessary though.

"Can how do I cancel a migration once it has started?"

It can't be canceled, sorry.

"What can go wrong during a migration?"

There are no known issues at this time, and we've migrated several thousand accounts in just a few days.

"Will I get an email alert once the migration has finished? And is there an automatic log of the migration date in change history (like auto universal migration system log in GA change history)?"

No email. But you should get an entry in your account activity.

"When upgrading V1 auto-events in the V2 interface should I... a) delete legacy auto-events and import a V2 version using the merge function, or b) manually upgrade, or c) wait for someone to build an API feature that does this work for me?"

Manually upgrade. Less risk of catastrophic errors.

"Are there any good migration videos?"

Not AFAIK. But you probably won't need them. It's a pretty easy process.

"Can I test an account before migrating?"

Yep. See above.

"I'm going to migrate an account with 500 containers with 1,000 tags in each (5,000 tags) - How can I make sure there`s no problems?"

We've seen no known issues, even with large containers.

"How can I re-assure clients that everything will still work on Monday 1st June (auto-migration day)?"

You should not wait until then. Coordinate with your clients and migrate manually when it's convenient for you. Also note that forced migration will happen some time after June 1. Could be one day after or weeks later.

"Are there any good migration checklists?"

Not AFAIK. You probably won't need one though. It's a pretty straight-forward process.
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Great catch.
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Brian Kuhn

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GTM v2 now supports i18n.  And, unlike v1, you can configure the language you'd like to use specifically for GTM.  
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Nice info you post +Brian Kuhn  , I saw Romanian language. :)
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