Lots of new people joining Google+, so I figure now is a good time to update my list of follow recommendations! Add some (or all) of these public(ish) figures to your Following circle, and Google+ won't feel so much like a ghost town. (Please note: The following people may work for certain companies, but that does not mean they will always post about those companies. It certainly doesn't mean that they speak for those companies in any way at all - unless, of course, they do.)

Googlers: +Vic Gundotra, +Bradley Horowitz, +Larry Page, +Sergey Brin, +Natalie Villalobos (Community Manager for Google+), +Matt Cutts, +Andy Staudacher, +Owen Prater, +Joseph Smarr, +Trey Harris, +Andreas Koll, +Eric Cattell, +Darren Delaye, +Chee Chew, +Kelly Ellis, +Andrew Bunner, +Andy Hertzfeld, +DeWitt Clinton, +Matt Waddell, +Vincent Mo, +Yonatan Zunger, +Rick Klau, +Vanessa Schneider (Google Community Manager for Places), +Melissa Daniels (Google Community Manager for Chrome OS), +Brian Rose (Google Community Manager for Photos) & +Chris Messina (Inventor of the Twitter hashtag!)

From TWiT.tv: +Gina Trapani +Leo Laporte +Jeff Jarvis +Sarah Lane +Dr. Kiki Sanford

Other bloggers, press, and otherwise tech-affiliated people: +Ahmed Zeeshan, +Ben Parr, +Adam Pash, +Jesse Stay and +Steven Levy (check out his excellent story about Google+ in Wired: http://bit.ly/lc8LRh)

From Pandora: +Alida Brandenburg

From Twitter: +Biz Stone +Evan Williams

From MySpace: +Tom Anderson (Yes, it's really him... your first friend!)

From Revision3: +Kevin Rose +Jeff Cannata +Veronica Belmont +David Prager +Mauricio Balvanera

From xkcd: +Randall Munroe

Freedom fighter: +Lawrence Lessig

From Dell: +Michael Dell

Other geeks: +Felicia Day

Wine expert, author, and entrepreneur, +Gary Vaynerchuk

After all those people, if Google+ still feels empty, just add +Robert Scoble or +Chris Pirillo and you'll be all set! ;)

For everyone who SHOULD be on this list but isn't, I'm sorry if I forgot you! Some of you I probably haven't found yet, others just slipped my mind. If you know of other interesting or helpful people who aren't on this list but should be, please add them in the comments below. All contributions are welcome!
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