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I've been testing a few devices and recording video samples for use in reviews that I thought I'd share:

Lumia 920: 

Skiing Downhill with Nokia Lumia 920 WP8 - OIS Working Overtime Downhill OIS with skiing
Nokia Lumia 920 WP8 - Chairlift 1080p Chairlift, not as thrilling

Galaxy Camera:

Samsung Galaxy Camera - Skiing OIS working 1080p Sample Downhill with OIS working
Samsung Galaxy Camera - Chairlift 1080p Sample Chairlift equivalent

+Kevin Klug is inside a few of these as well :P
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Wow. The range of the 920 compared to the Galaxy Camera is really impressive - colours, from bright snow to shadows in trees, detail and focusing. Really impressive!

Has the Galaxy Camera lost the information around the trees or is it possible to pull any colours out? I know it's not what you want to do on a consumer level but still interesting to know. 
The Galaxy looks pretty bad but 920 looks impressive regardless what its being compared to.
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