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I have a bunch of GoPro Hero 3 Black 1080p60 footage that looks awesome. If only YouTube was 1080p60 so that it could be shared easily...
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did you do a review of the hero 3?
I'm basically working on one at present :)
I look forward to reading it! 
So far I'm very impressed, I wish battery life was a bit longer though
How long are you getting? 
Only about 3 hours or so shooting 1080p60, I bought two batteries for it, need to measure exactly
When are you releasing your review? I'll read that when it comes for your whole thought. 
+Robbie Laity I have no idea, that's a really really good question. If they do, I'd totally use them. Hmm... 
AFAIK - Vimeo accepts the original file and display it like it is eg: 1080p60 ... the only negative thing about vimeo is that its not free :)
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