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Anyone still on google+? Test test test is this thing on?
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Yea, I'm over on Twitter too but much prefer G+
I don't know many that uses g+ either 
yep, I keep a tab open for it to force myself to use it. I actually like it a lot, just wish more people used it
We don't leave. We just mingle while people slowly join the party. 
I should definitely use G+ more, the issue is that there's a disparity between my Google Apps account and Gmail account which G+ lives under. The migration tool is still less than perfect for merging everything without losing all posts and content, too. 

I think I can use it more though :)
If you haven't used it much to this point now would be a good time to merge them since you won't lose that much. 
What do you need a Google APIs
Apps account for if you have gmail?
Anyway, just recently joined G+
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