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I made this timelapse with the Hero 3: Time Lapse Driving - GoPro Hero 3 Black 12 MP W resized to 1080p

In retrospect I wish I had set the interval to something shorter than 30 seconds, also even with two batteries I couldn't get the whole trip back like I really wanted to. Still, quality is great. I tried to do a higher resolution encode but was having issues with ffmpeg giving black frames...
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Trip was 8 hours, initially I expected to get the whole thing in one go. 
8 hours? How many fps does the camera do? 60fps? 
If you intend it for web publishing, maybe decrease the resolution (hopefully to reduce consumption) and yeah, I believe that for something like a car trip, an interval way smaller (1 sec maybe) would have been much more interesting.  24fps would make a 60mph ride look like 1440mph.  Mmm...
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