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We devote this hour to a question put to us pretty much daily since election day: How to cover President Trump?  First, we ask the AP, Univision, NPR, USA Today, and other news outlets about how they are defining a relationship with a president-elect who flaunts traditional rules, spreads misinformation, and criticizes the press. Then we turn to language. Listeners help us highlight moments in media coverage that obscure the truth, and journalist Masha Gessen warns of the "impulse to normalize."

* Duration: 50:17, Played: 42:21

* Published: 12/2/16 12:00:00 AM

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I'm so afraid for the Supreme Court. Please nobody die or retire in the next four years!

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Lunch! :)

Kate Shellnutt is an associate editor at Christianity Today magazine. She helps run their social media accounts and she also edits their popular site for women, cleverly called Her.meneutics. Before this, she worked as a web producer for the Houston Chronicle’s religion site. She’s a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, where she earned her masters in reporting and online journalism.We spoke with Kate about how Christianity Today deals with hot-button issues, what a

* Duration: 39:51, Played: 39:41

* Published: 3/6/16 5:44:47 AM

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* Episode Feed: Friendly Atheist Podcast -

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If only it was in a galaxy far far away...

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What is Reality? Brian Cox and Robin Ince are joined by US superstar neuroscientist David Eagleman, Professor Sophie Scott and comedian Bridget Christie to ask what is reality? Is our sense of the world around us a completely personal experience and a construct of our brains? How can we ever know whether what one person perceives is exactly the same as what another person perceives. Is your sense of the world around you an illusion constructed by this extraordinary organ, the brain, that has no

* Duration: 41:16, Played: 36:20

* Published: 2/1/16 11:30:00 AM

* Episode Download Link (38 MB):

* Show Notes:

* Episode Feed: The Infinite Monkey Cage -

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If you have children, please get them vaccinated.
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