A while ago someone I know on Twitter asked for suggestions for a slide-hosted service besides Slideshare (as the ads in Slideshare were felt to be too intrusive). Today I heard about Speakerdeck (http://speakerdeck.com/).

This looks good - but I wonder if there aren't concerns we should worry about if we choose a new service once an established service starts hosting ads or makes other changes to its terms and conditions (such as the requirement for a Premium account in order to host private slides as Slideshare have done).

Once a service becomes very popular isn't it inevitable that it will have to find new income streams to sustain itself? And whilst new services might be able to offer an attractive service in the short-term (whilst they are running off VC funding) is this sustainable? In addition such services may miss out on advantages provided by established services such as the larger community which may be in place and deals with services such as WordPress.com which allow Slideshare presentations to be embedded on blogs hosted on WordPress.com´╗┐
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