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I've given my Predictions for 2012. But of more interest re the ways in which one will be able to confirm or not in a year's time whether the predictions came true. In brief the predictions are:

Tablet (not table!) computers will start to change working practices in higher education.
Changing working practices will include a greater take-up of open practices, with amplification of events, for example, taking place at an undergraduate level.
Social applications will continue to grow in importance, although Diaspora and will fail to have a significant role. For those who equate 'social' with 'personal' or 'trivial' a new term will begin to be used.
Learning analytics will grow in importance, although a wider term is needed to include analytics for research activities as well as mainstream business activities.
Social networking services will develop services based on Collective Intelligence.
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Is a table computer like the original pac-man consoles?
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