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I'm going to Glasgow for a weekend on Friday. Any suggestions on places to see and things to do while I'm there? I know I could use Google but I prefer hearing from my network. We'll be staying in the city centre. Will watch rugby on Saturday morning but will be free forthe rest of Saturday and all day Sunday. Would like to find a good real ale pub with folk music.
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I used to live in Glasgow for 4 years - so I can recommend quite a few places. You should definitely head to the West End (you can take the subway from Buchannan Street to Hillhead which is the West End). As you exit the Hillhead subway station, you're on Byres Road - lots of nice restaurants and quite an arty/studenty area - you must check out Kember & Jones cafe, it was my favourite haunt while I was there and the food is amazing - it's on Byres Road. Also check out Ashton Lane at night if you get a chance. There is also the Botanic Gardens nearby. The University is also down the same road.

Another few highlights would be Pollock Country Park where you can see the Burrel Collection and the House for an Art Lover (if you're into Mackintosh stuff). I would also head to the Necropolis, fantastic views of the city and beautiful gravestones.

Hope that helps!
Don't think we do Folk Music here in Glasgow, but certainly up for a beer. !! Several real ale pubs though. :)
For Listings try The List Folk music is a bit more spread about than in Edinburgh.

New Museum of Transport at Riverside might be worth a look, or if you go to Kelvingrove a new Brewdog pub has just opened across the way.
Check out Britannia Panopticon events page - guaranteed a different experience

Real Ale pubs: Bon Accord (near Mitchell Library), Hengler's Circus (Weatherspoons, but pretty good), Follow @glasgowbeer on twitter for real(ale)-time updates.
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