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The call for submissions for IWMW 2015, the annual Institutional Web Management Workshop, is now open.

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Any #byod4lwant  people to try the video conference app? I've set up a channel for testing at: Note limited to 10 people, and I'll close it down shortly. It has worked on an Android phone. Interested to see if it works on an iPhone/iPad.

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Hearng about the #BYOD4L  motivated me to write a blog post about the criteria I used in buying a new tablet over the weekend. I know feel that tablets are consumer products, which we can choice based on factors such as cost, appearance, functionality, etc. Of greater importance are the apps (which tend to me available across the popular platforms), Fortunately I was able to make use of my Facebook connections who advised me on their recommended apps for my new table.

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UKOLN's  annual Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW 2013) event will be held at the University of Bath on 26-28 June 2013.

Although initially targetted at members of institutional Web teams, the scope of the event has broadened in light of the importance of Web technologies across a wide range of institutional activities. The event includes plenary talks on:

o The role of the web in supporting teaching and learning (Et tu MOOC? Massive Online Considerations) and research activities (Turning our Attention to Supporting Research)
o The opportunities provided by open practices (a talk on Open Education: The Business & Policy Case for OER by Cable Green, Director of Global learning at Creative Commons and one on Mozilla, Open Badges and a Learning Standard for Web Literacy by Doug Belshaw, Mozilla Foundation)
o The Changing Technical Landscape (talks by Martin Hamilton on The Inside-Out University and Paul Walk on Working With Developers)
o The User Experience (talks by Jonathan Hassell, editor of the BS8878 code of practice for Web accessibility and by David Cornforth on Jisc infoNet's experiences in Adapting to Responsive Web Design
o Views from outside the commercial sector, including Paul Boag who will suggest that "Institutional Culture Is Crippling Your Web Strategy!" and Ranjit Sidhu who will ask "9am, 16th August, 2012: "What the fcuk just happened then?"".
o Institutional Case Studies from the Universities of Bath and Bolton.
o Two concluding talks which will seek answers to the question What Does The Future Hold?

In addition to these plenary talks there are also 20 workshop sessions lasting for 90 minutes which provide an opportunity for participants to address topics of interest in more depth.

The full programme is available at

The event costs £350 which includes 2 nights' accommodation, event dinner and reception at the Roman Baths.  The booking form is available at

A blog post which describes the talks in more details is available at 

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My Redundancy Letter Arrived Today - lots of comments on this post and lots of Twitter discussion.

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My Christmas Eve post: Christmas Future: “Current monopoly of HE will be lost & just a few universities will survive”
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