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Yess, so pumped right now!

Planning on breaking out my +Google Glass this weekend!

Also, I need to figure out how to get my hands on the EE! Epic.

Thanks +Google!

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I kissed a giraffe, and I liked it! Kenya has been awesome so far!

Applying for an internship with +Google this summer; keep me in your thoughts and/or prayers! #stoked #google #mbajobs

Fellow +Google Glass​ folks, need some help here.

I turned on my Glass today after not using it for a few weeks and it went into setup mode, will connect to my phone via Bluetooth, but won't get out of setup mode, just stuck on my Glass Name slide.

Any suggestions?

Pretty bummed right now :(

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Studying at the +LibraryOfCongress​ today, love this place. Best #architecture in DC!

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My little brother, +Johnny Kelley, is applying for a job at +YouTube!

Please give his video some love -- it would help his application out a lot!!

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+Google innovating like usual. Love it.

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For some reason, been nostalgic today about my old +Lotus Elise, and when I'd gotten +Google Glass for the first time. Time flies.

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Mexican dinner with some of my closest friends! #throughglass

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