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Applying for an internship with +Google this summer; keep me in your thoughts and/or prayers! #stoked #google #mbajobs

Fellow +Google Glass​ folks, need some help here.

I turned on my Glass today after not using it for a few weeks and it went into setup mode, will connect to my phone via Bluetooth, but won't get out of setup mode, just stuck on my Glass Name slide.

Any suggestions?

Pretty bummed right now :(

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Studying at the +LibraryOfCongress​ today, love this place. Best #architecture in DC!

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My little brother, +Johnny Kelley, is applying for a job at +YouTube!

Please give his video some love -- it would help his application out a lot!!

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+Google innovating like usual. Love it.

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For some reason, been nostalgic today about my old +Lotus Elise, and when I'd gotten +Google Glass for the first time. Time flies.

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Mexican dinner with some of my closest friends! #throughglass

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A man was murdered in front of my home last night in downtown DC, shot to death in cold blood.

My heart breaks at the senseless violence and I weep bitterly as I consider what his family and friends must be going through, even now at this very moment.

As I pray for them, for their peace, comfort, and strength in what must be a devastating season, I wonder at the absurdity of it all. This man was standing in front of my rowhouse, not twenty yards from my front door, alive and well one moment, and departed the next. All due to what, a dispute? Greed? Chance? I may never know.

But what I do know is that easily could have been my roommate walking home from work, it might have been me returning from a late dinner if minute details had changed only slightly.

It causes me to stop and reflect - if my life were to suddenly cease, taken from me in a random act of violence or due to unpredicted natural causes, would I be satisfied with how I have lived? Are there things I would've done differently, places I should've visited, people I might've touched?

Clichés like "carpe diem" aside, I'd like to use this tragic event as a reminder and milestone in my own life, a wake up call that's telling me life is fleeting, it's not to be taken for granted - I don't want to trivialize it at all, but somehow making a sort of resolution out of a heinous act may just be my way of coping.

Don't take today for granted.
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