At the end of the last minute of January 8th, the W3C will close its polls and we will have a new W3C Technical Architecture Group (#TAG).  The TAG can act as a sort of steering committee for the #W3C.  Only W3C member organizations get to officially cast a vote, but two years ago, average developers helped make some noise and let them know we wanted change.  In the process, we filled 4 of the 9 seats with reform candidates who helped lay out a vision.  

This time, we're trying to keep the change going and refine rather than turn the ship, but I think it will take just the right mix of people to get the most out of it, and that's why I'm publicly noting that I support +yan zhu  (we need a security expert who also understands the Extensible Web vision), Travis Leithead who keeps a TC-39 liason and brings his excellent work/insight with Microsoft to the table, +Mark Nottingham  brings an IETF liaison and expertise protocols and, of course, +Alex Russell who was one of the original movers who helped get this movement/vision started.

If you work for a member organization or know someone who does (see this list, I'm asking that you reach out to them and help get one or all of these folks elected.  If you don't, but you belive in the message, just pass it on - chances are pretty good that we'll get the message there somehow if history is any indication - it matters.
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