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Why I support +yandex Sergey for the #w3ctag special election to replace +Marcos Caceres and you should too... It is important, make your voice heard - this is #ourweb.
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Has anything useful happened anywhere near the TAG since the last election?
Not a single positive thing on that list actually has anything to do with the TAG, as far as I can tell.
That's intentional. The TAG is setting itself up to do more formal API reviews, and the members now view their time working with WGs in a tactical basis as both the necessary consequence of trying to effect real change (vs. issuing missives) and as a down payment on a guide to designing APIs which we now want to tackle as the TAG
Watching TAG minutes and seeing avg devs know and care who TAG is and what they have to say - looking at all of the collaboration and consensus building - I couldn't be more pleased.
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