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If you're a current AT&T iPhone customer, with an account in good standing, and you are out of contract, AT&T will now forward unlock requests to Apple. From this point on, I believe it's all up to Apple. In theory, you should receive the unlock code in 72 hours.

I was able to complete the AT&T side of the process very quickly by logging into my account at, clicking support, and clicking Wireless Support Chat on the right. You'll get a number of options; I chose Tech Support.

I typed in all my account details and under "How may we assist you today?", I wrote something like "I'd like to unlock my phone." They asked for my IMEI. You should be able to do the same: assuming you qualify, they'll put the request through, take down your contact info, and give you a ticket number.

As to what happens after that, ask me in 72 hours!

I'll probably start using this iPhone on my T-Mobile line, and I'm thinking about picking up a Lumia 900 for my AT&T line.
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Which other carriers support the 3G radio in an AT&T iPhone?

My Android phones operated in the band TMo uses, AT&T is different.

I just moved our family's Nexus One and Nexus S phones to TMo. (We left TMo for Cingular way back when TMo couldn't supply Treo 680s with EDGE data. Then Cingular became AT&T and we ran EDGE on our Androids for way too long.)
That was kind of my point. There's a lot of excitement in the press about "AT&T is unlocking iPhones!" but I had the sense that your carrier choices for 3G were kinda limited on some iPhones. Whatever, I'm happy on TMo.
Brian, I was actually able to get in touch with an unlocking specialist this morning at AT&T after being on hold for over an hour (I can understand why). She was very kind and professional and knew what she was doing. She asked for my old iPhone 3GS IMEI, reviewed all the info, and placed the unlock request for me. She told me I'd receive an email with further instructions and information to provide within one hour, and that after that, AT&T would contact me to let me know if my unlock had been approved or not. About 15-20 minutes later, I received an email statin my iPhone unlock request had been approved, and provided me with a simple PDF with the instructions. Connect to iTunes, backup and restore. What they DID fail to mention, is that the iPhone 3GS needed an active AT&T sim installed in order for the unlock to work. Since I only have a microSIM and no adapter, my unlock will have to wait. But this will definitively be a problem for customers overseas with finished contracts and no sim cards.
+Reinaldo Basañez If it helps, it's possible to cut down a standard sim to fit into an iPhone "microSIM" socket.

I wonder who AAPL paid off to get this declared to be in compliance with Euro regulations?
Thank you Margaret. I have a microSIM adapter and a cutter, but the iPhone 3GS in question is outside the country for a few days. So I will be able to complete the unlock once it returns to me in the US. However, this is very unfortunate for customers who fulfilled their contracts and went to live in a different country, as presumably they won't be able to unlock as of this moment.
We will not see just out of the county use. In the biz we call them mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). MVNOs resell a carriers voice minutes and data usage. Most MVNOs partner up with CDMA operators so unlocked AT&T iPhones will be of little use to them. But H2O, because it resells AT&T’s access, and FreedomPop, because of its "unique" business model, will be the major carriers that could use the unlocked phones. ATT wants this because it is gaining subscribers to the ATT network, making them money, but not having to admin the new customers.
Please, help me to unlock my iPhone, I don't have an Account at&t
Brain is right. Wont work unless you get the carrier to submit an unlock request.
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