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Penguin 4.0 is Released

Penguin 4.0 is here and will be rolling out during the next few weeks. This will be the last official Penguin announced update as the algo. is now a real-time signal processed within its core search algorithm.

Penguin is also now more granular and devalues spam by adjusting ranking based on spam signals, rather than affecting the entire website. 
The latest announced release, Penguin 4.0, will also be the last, given its new real-time nature.
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Indeed, the most important part of this announcement from Google is now Penguin is part of the core algorithm, so the links become semantic and therefore it is easier to determine the quality of the links rather than simply apply a penalti

I think this update of Google should not be called Penguin 4 since its union with the core raises the possibility that it was developed entirely within the core algo and therefore what we are seeing is an update of the core algorithm and not Penguin 4.
I share some this and other Penguin 4 ideas and consequences on - Google Penguin 4 en tiempo real o algo mas?
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