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Ducks at Balboa Park

Here's an Auto Awesome I captured today at Balboa Park in San Diego, California. 

My wife and I both agreed this wouldn't be a bad pond to frequent if we were ducks. 

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Google Trends: Subscribe to Any Topic

Any online marketer will tell you Google Trends is an invaluable tool for uncovering insights into keyword and brand seasonality, popularity and search volume. 

Users can now stay up-to-date on search trends by subscribing to receive updates on a specific topic or hot searches for any country and have results delivered directly to their inbox. 

Read the full update here:

#googletrends   #googletrendsupdate  
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This is neat (as a marketer). Thanks for the share.
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Google+: Looking Behind The Scenes of Profiles and Posts

I love Google+. In addition to using it for content discovery, this rapidly growing social network is an incredible tool for micro blogging, networking and relationship building.

While Google+ can effectively be used as a micro blogging platform, it lacks many of the features that give blog owners using a CMS more control of the HTML elements, tags and styling of their blog.

To help Google+ users understand what is happening behind the scenes, I’ve dug into the source code of Google+ posts and pages to show you elements that affect how your posts appear in Google+ and in Google Search. In this guide, you’ll learn what tags are added automatically and how to optimize the elements you have control over including:

☞ Titles
☞ Meta descriptions
☞ Canonical tags
☞ Alt attributes
☞ No follow attributes
☞ Rel=author
☞ Target="_blank" 

Read the full post here:

Pinging +Denis Labelle, +martin shervington  

#googleplus   #googleplustips  
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Anytime +Dalibor Pačić! 
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Brian Jensen

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Does Google treat 404 and 410 status codes differently?

Actually yes. When Googlebot comes across a 404, Matt tells us that it gives the URL a 24-hour "protection" window in case the status code wasn't intended, whereas a 410 is interpreted to be permanently gone and will immediately be converted to an error. 

All in all the difference is relatively minor and of course subject to change at any time. :)
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Error code 404 - web address not found... Lol
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Visual Website Monitoring - Get Notified Of Any Changes To A Page

Similar to setting up alerts in Google Analytics for any dramatic changes to your web traffic, keeping up-to-date on other changes to a website is equally important and may assist you in diagnosing changes to your traffic.  

Enter Visual Ping

Visual Ping allows you to take a snapshot of a page and set-up an alert anytime the page changes - handy for monitoring changes to a client or competitor's website. 

Get started by visiting:

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Happy it was helpful +Marilyn Moran! 
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Brian Jensen

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Conditional Formatting  in Excel

Here's a quick tutorial on using conditional formatting in Excel to highlight increases or decreases in a report. 

This is the next step in the Excel for Noobs series. If you missed the first one, check out how to make format your data, organize it in a table and create a si
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Google Analytics: Visits Now Sessions & Unique Visitors Now Users

Many of you may have noticed today that Google Analytics made a few updates to a few of its key metrics including visits which is now sessions, and unique visitors which is now listed as users.

If you've yet to see this update in your reports, don't worry as GA will be rolling it out to all users incrementally over the next week.

The change seems be be largely semantic in nature as nothing has changed outside of the new terminology. 

#googleanalyticsupdate   #googleanalytics  
Google Analytics has quietly changed the terminology they use within the reports to change what they call
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How Estimated Reading Times Increase Engagement With Content

Our time is limited, and with the sea of content available for reading, we are increasingly turning into skimmers and avoiding long scroll bars. So for those of us that are still working on building an audience and establishing authority, how do we encourage visitors to read through our content?

Psychology at work

It turns out, that by setting the time expectation with potential readers upfront, they'll be much more likely to commit to finishing your article. 

The more we know about something — including precisely how much time it will consume — the greater the chance we will commit to it.

How do I figure out how long it takes to read an article?

☞ Do the math - the average adult reads 200-250 words in one minute
☞ Use an online calculator like Read-O-Meter or Decimal to Time Calculator
☞ If you use WordPress, there are plugins available that will calculate the time for you -

Once you've figured out an estimated reading time, consider including it when sharing your post socially. #5min

Via +Mark Traphagen 

#contentmarketing   #contentmarketingtips  
How much time does the average adult in the United States spend with digital media every day? According to an August 2013 estimate by eMarketer: 5 hours and 16 minutes. Calculated another way, that’s 316 minutes per day. How many of those 316 minutes do they spend reading your content? Estimated Online Reading Time Basic website analytics […]
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+Brian Jensen that's an interesting idea. I definitely think that could add some value and get traction here on Google+.
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Rapportive: Learn About Your Contacts From Within Gmail

Having  up-to-date information on your contacts can prove to be a powerful tool for building and maintaining these relationships.

Enter Rapportive

For those not familiar, Rapportive connects with your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and displays information about your contacts that it pulls from the social networks.  Similar to Google+, it also allows you to leave personalized notes about a contact for later reference.

For anyone who has yet to install Rapportive in Gmail, I highly recommend it. 

Check it out today:

#rapportive   #gmailtips  
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I love this add-on. It's super helpful. 
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Brian Jensen

Content Marketing 101  - 
8 Tips For Creating An Interesting "About Page"

While creating and publishing content that resonates with your audience is a  priority, having a page that clearly describes who you are, what you do, why you love doing it and how to contact you is equally important. 

Tips like including a photo, strong CTA, and either a prominent contact form or other contact details, may make the difference between a visitor/prospect contacting you... or not. 

Is there anything you'd add to the list?" 

Thanks to +Jason Darrell for originally sharing. 

8 Superb Tips To Create An Interesting "About Page" For Your Blog

Wanna make a remarkable ABOUT PAGE?! Write an about page that sizzles! Here are some fantastic ways to show your readers how precious you are:

1. Tell what your blog is all about
2. Tell them about yourself 
3. Show yourself 
4. Share your story
5. Share your favorite or most popular posts
6. Add contact details
7. Include a call-to-action
8. Add extra fun stuff: can be fun facts about yourself / fave tools / quotes / photos of your office / testimonials/ awards

Read all:

#aboutpage   #aboutus   #bloggingtips   #blogger  
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+Brian Jensen I've received some emails from people referencing it and how it's helped them identify with the site more.
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