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Brian Jensen
If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Improve It
If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Improve It

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Congruent Digital is a full-service online marketing agency that specializes in website development, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing and content development and promotion. We provide cross-channel digital marketing solutions for both B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes.

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Using Custom Location Tags to Increase Bio Link CTR on Instagram

You've probably seen many Instagram users add a “link in bio” call-to-action in their descriptions to leverage their profile link.

In the post, the author shares a case study that presents a very creative workaround using custom location tags that he's shown to increase CTR.

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Case Study: Benefits of Planning Your Content Strategy

In this post +Benjamin Brandall, provides readers with a step-by-step case study on the benefits of planning, executing, and supporting your content. This post is chock-full of actionable tips to help your content rank!

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Rich Snippet Page Links

We're all used to seeing site links, but these rich snippets for +Moz's resource on broken link building caught by eye.

The post has a standard table of contents with anchor links.

Very cool. 

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Google's Mobile Nearby Business Ads

These mobile "Nearby Businesses" ads looks strikingly similar to the local pack results directly below them.

It's very easy to miss the "Ads Nearby Businesses" disclaimer at the top of this pack as opposed to the green ad box next to the left of every display URL we traditionally see for paid ads.

This change to the layout makes the paid and organic results for this specific set of ads almost indistinguishable. 

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Mobile Rich Cards Expands to More Verticals

Google expands Rich Cards to local restaurants and online courses for US-based sites. 

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Google Announces Plans for Mobile-first Indexing

Recently, on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, Product Manager Doantam Phan, announced Google has started and will continue testing a mobile-first index.

"algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages."

There's a lot of discussion around structured markup, so if you're not currently marking up your pages, now would be a good time to implement.

Click below to get specific recommendations on how to prepare your responsive or dynamic serving site. 

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GMB Traffic in Google Analytics

Can anyone confirm if clicks from a GMB local pack result show up in GA as organic sessions from Google? 

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Penguin 4.0 is Released

Penguin 4.0 is here and will be rolling out during the next few weeks. This will be the last official Penguin announced update as the algo. is now a real-time signal processed within its core search algorithm.

Penguin is also now more granular and devalues spam by adjusting ranking based on spam signals, rather than affecting the entire website. 

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10 Surprisingly Simple Lessons That Will Make You A Better Digital Marketer

Over the years, I've learned some important lessons that have helped me become more proficient as a digital marketing consultant.

In this post, I share the 10 most actionable takeaways that I feel other digital marketers could benefit from.

You'll learn why I feel channel attribution is vital to showing the value in your work, and also get tips on making your campaigns more effective

What's a lesson you've learned that has helped you refine your skills a marketer? 
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