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I bought into silver about a month ago (100 ounces, so I'm pretty small-time) at around $32-$33AUD an ounce. It's in the $28s now, under $29AUD (under $30US)

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+Brian Hoover this seems to happen once or twice annually. Silver used to drive me crazy now I take it in stride. Check out the first David Morgan interview I posted earlier.
Indeed, it will go back up.  You could take a look at some of its longer term history, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years.  You would see lows here and there, but it seems to increase substantually after dropping a bit.
Deflation is happening. Look at Japan: it's only imploding after 20+ years of deflation. Have patience, also silver is volatile because it is so tiny market - you will make and lose money within 1 year, almost guaranteed.
$30 dollar looks like a resistance range, it quickly returns to over $30 zone after the slips, use it your advantage. 
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