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Oh I HATE that little shit!
This must be the least liked character of the series. Cersei you can at least understand where she's coming from, but Joffrey is just a spoiled brat that needs constant spanking.
I obviously don't like Joffrey, but he is a great character in the series.  I feel like they've done a great job translating his character into the TV series, and what a great actor he is.
Sue M
In this interview snippet Gleason talks about his inspiration for playing Joffrey.

"A big influence was Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator," the 20-year-old actor said. "Sometimes when I'm sitting on my throne, I think of Phoenix sitting on his, with that smirk on his face."

Ah yes, that smirk.
+Sue Mosher Yes!  Now that you mention that, it totally makes sense!  He is a good little actor.  Playing an ass can look bad if you don't know what you're doing.
I think he's very well cast. If I saw him in the street I'd just want to punch him in the back of the head.
Poor kid.  I wonder if some of our "less intelligent" brethren out there have mistaken him for his character.
I've seen him a few times on the streets of Dublin going about his business and I've heard from some people in Trinity College where he's studying that he's a lovely bloke.
Dubliners tend to ignore famous people, it's our way of bringing them back down to earth, although I'm sure he gets people just really wanting to slap him across the face. 
He does an amazing job, you just got to hate him... I mean this in the nicest way possible(?)
And to think he was the little boy in Batman Begins "saved" by Katie Holmes' Rachel. 

Is it possible that he's me detest Joffrey far more than I do the book character. Job well done. 
+Ingo Levin  Spoiled brat? He is more like a sadomasochist psychopath with a lot of power. And yeah, I would love to slap him a few times just like Tyrion. Man that must feel good
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