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Brian Hendricks

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If ya'll dig hard rockin' blues tinged southern fried rock'n'roll then check out this band and their video you'll definitely dig it - The Gibsons & Runnin' Outta Time. Man that dude can shred!
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As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the 2nd coming of the Son of Man (Christ). DNA mucking was taking place by the fallen angels that had sex with women of man, changing the DNA of the offspring to Nephilim. Today, we can see modern day Nephilim exist, and if you think they haven't already started this nanotech on humans yet, you'd be thinking incorrectly!
Cockroaches were successfully injected with DNA-based nanobots. If they are able to replicate this effect on humans, then the first part of our "road map" to achieving immortality will be complete!
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Brian Hendricks

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Folks, may have alread laughed at me and have called me all types of things because of what I have stated is going to happen later this year - for those naysayers - here is yet several others stating the very same damn thing - check out the article below and scroll to bottom for last video titled "Urgent Warning! The Most Horrific Event...." and watch, actual video details start about 2 minutes into the video (you can fast forward past the "intro" if you are impatient). I'm not kidding folks, we are about to enter in to what Christ Jesus himself called "days of Great Tribulation" (see Matthew 24). The dreams I had discussed both the west coast, then the east coast and New Madrid fault lines and the dividing of our nation by the Mississippi River, with both coasts literally gone, underwater! Check out what thousands of others, including some well known prophets, are saying that they have dreamed or had visions about! And please, don't shoot the messenger!

There is no doubt that President Obama is weakening this nation—a nation that was once a leader, and once upheld as powerful and great—a nation who once feared God and revered Him. Everything God blessed us with is now a curse, including our...
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Metalheads, ya'll need to check out this band (and their new name your own price download) - BoughtXBlood

Awesome tunes and lyrics!

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They are pretty good.
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Brian Hendricks

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Classic Rock and hard rock fans, as well as vinyl enthusiasts, be sure to check this show out - "Hard 'N Heavy 1970"!
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+Brian Hendricks Thank you for sharing our video.
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Brian Hendricks

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thank you for posting this! Now I know I'm not crazy, see these entities and orbs all of the time, however, I cannot get my iphone camera to record them, but I see them with the naked eye! I have been seeing these entities and orbs for a few years now, definitely increasing and much more activity now than there ever has been! Any ideas why my iPhone camera (5c) cannot record them or even seen them? REMEMBER - WE ARE PROTECTED BY THE BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA AND HAVE POWER THROUGH YAHUSHUA OVER THESE DEMONIC ENTITIES! Praise be to YHWH our Creator and to our Redeemer Yahushua - Christ Jesus!

Brian Hendricks

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As a watchman I am again sounding the alarm about what is coming......I ask that you would please take the time to listen to this interview with someone who explains exactly what CERN is doing, why, and the consequences that will take place sooner rather than later! CERN has already set things in motion in early April. I have already noticed small effects - it's only 30 minutes and can help prepare you for what is coming! Please share with those you know and love so that they too can be prepared! Keep on looking up and blessings to all!
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Brian Hendricks

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Hi all, this link goes in tandem with a series of dreams that I had last year beginning in August through October regarding the new Madrid fault line from the Mississippi to the Ohio Valley, as well as tsunamis hitting both our east and west coats. Apparently, after much research, thousands are having the same dreams and/or visions, or very close, to what I had. Call me whatever you want, I don't really care anymore, time is short, we must begin preaching the gospel to everyone we know, come out of our sin, and start getting our hearts right with Christ, including getting back to the commandments, as the time is short! In my dreams, these things take place either this year between late Aug to late Sept (right before new Jubilee year begins) or same timeframe next year. In the link - scroll down to the very last video that starts with URGENT....
There is no doubt that President Obama is weakening this nation—a nation that was once a leader, and once upheld as powerful and great—a nation who once feared God and revered Him. Everything God blessed us with is now a curse, including our...
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Brian Hendricks

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+Jaygo Tee - KJV may be one of the best, but still riddled with issues such as bad or incorrect "transliteration" (examples: lucifer instead of Heylel, Jesus instead of Yahushua, in fact conspiracy between England and Spain for "common" name which ended up as Jesus, missing parts of books such as Acts 29, missing parts of Daniel, Esther, etc, missing books that were in LXX or Septuagint that were considered "sacred" such as Wisdom (written by Solomon), Baruch, Esdras, Apocalypse of Moses, Enoch 1 which Ethiopian Bible had as well as Jasher, Jubilees, etc - these books should have been included but instead was based upon what the Roman Catholic "Church" considered canon). Check out the "ET Cepher" by WND Publishing. Want to know how to prove Yahushua ha'Mashiah was there at creation like John stated in John 1:1? "ET", or the Alef Tav, which is literally all over the old and new testaments but never translated into English, and shows up in Genesis 1:1 between "Elohim" and "created". Alef Tav stands for Mashiah, or Messiah! The first letter of hebrew alphabet was Alef, and Tav was last, aka the greek Alpha & Omega. Highly recommend you check it out - WND publishing web site, has a few videos explaining the translation as well.

Brian Hendricks

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Great metal band, great music, great lyrics, from Virginia, check 'em out, name your price download, here is


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Brian Hendricks

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As a former techie and sysadmin (well always a techie or gear head!), I thought this was pretty funny!!

For all the techies out there, beware the daemons in the data center! Thank you #Liz Quilty for the smile and chuckle!

P.S. - assuming root access is inferred!
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Brian Hendricks

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Truth For A Dark World is coming soon - check out the trailer below!
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Disabled, record label to try to make $$, will get there eventually!
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Brian Hendricks is owner/director of Metal For A Dark World Records as well as the new music startup - music publishing, label, worldwide distribution, mastering, training & Producer for Music For A Dark World.  In November 2013, he became a non-denominational Ordained Minister, with online classes at both Liberty University as well as The Sure Foundation, and focusing on eschatology & prophecy. Brian is also a multi-instrument musician and performs mastering for CD + web music releases, produces, and writes and records music, writes poetry, receiving the Editor's Choice Award of 2007 for his "A Tale of Insanity (Morbid Fantasy). Previously, Brian worked in IT and Internet/Web technologies for 15 years in various leadership roles including Development Manager, Senior Project Manager, and Senior Manager, and has managed teams of talented technologists including developers, database administrators, systems administrators, web administrators, project managers in teams ranging from 5 to 35 and around the globe, including team members located around the United States, India, Russia, and the U.K.
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Destroyed High School, married/divorced twice, proud father of Brenden Hendricks, survived 19 years of fatherhood, have released 3 albums on MFADW Records, have produced 2 albums, have mastered 3 albums, working on first solo release.
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    Mastering, 2012 - present
  • Open Door Christian School
    High School, 1988
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    Information Technology, Psychology, English, 2004 - 2005
  • Sure Foundation Theological Institute
    2002 - 2013
    Ordained Minister / Church Ministry Program
  • Elyria West High School
    Math, Music, Computer Science, English, Literature, 1988 - 1988
  • Liberty University
    Eschatology, 2001 - 2002
    Eschatology/Bible prophecy
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