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How Do You Feel About the Original Total Recall?

I'm kind of curious about this.  I re-watched the original, and I think (with the exception of the score) it holds up pretty well.  To me, this is probably Arnold's best movie (not that that's saying much), because it requires him to show at least some emotional range (unlike the Terminator movies).  And it was sci-fi that actually required you to think a little, which I'm not sure really happened again until Inception (which was, I thought, merely entertaining).

So what do you think?  And will you see the new Total Recall?  (I haven't decided on that one yet.)
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I liked the original. Does the new one involve Mars at all?
From what I've read, they never go to Mars in the new one.
Loved the original. No interest in just about all remakes of movies less than 50 years since original.
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