Hell Is For Innocent Women And Children....

Israeli Strikes Kill 87, Wound 720

The Palestinian civilian death toll has risen sharply after Israeli aircraft hit densely populated areas in the Gaza Strip while targeting the homes of suspected Hamas militants. An air strike on two houses belonging to an extended clan in Gaza City killed two children, two adults and injured 42 people. So far, 87 Palestinians (including 50 civilians) have been killed and 720 have been wounded in the six-day onslaught.

Oi Vey!

Perhaps Israel should turn their open air prison in Gaza over to a private corporation to run. 

Haliburton, or what ever it is called now, would surely make a bid and be more humanitarian than Israel. 

I would say they are like the Nazis, but that would be disingenuous and inaccurate--- the Nazis never aerially bombarded their concentration camps.

Today Israel is once again bombing civilians in the media center who are trying to report on what is happening on the ground in Gaza. 

Why is the world would Israel want to bomb civilian journalists in a building that houses a number of local and foreign news organizations?

Are they trying to chase way eyewitnesses who will report on an Israeli invasion? 

It's the second strike on the building in two days.

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