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Hell Is For Innocent Women And Children....

Israeli Strikes Kill 87, Wound 720

The Palestinian civilian death toll has risen sharply after Israeli aircraft hit densely populated areas in the Gaza Strip while targeting the homes of suspected Hamas militants. An air strike on two houses belonging to an extended clan in Gaza City killed two children, two adults and injured 42 people. So far, 87 Palestinians (including 50 civilians) have been killed and 720 have been wounded in the six-day onslaught.

Oi Vey!

Perhaps Israel should turn their open air prison in Gaza over to a private corporation to run. 

Haliburton, or what ever it is called now, would surely make a bid and be more humanitarian than Israel. 

I would say they are like the Nazis, but that would be disingenuous and inaccurate--- the Nazis never aerially bombarded their concentration camps.

Today Israel is once again bombing civilians in the media center who are trying to report on what is happening on the ground in Gaza. 

Why is the world would Israel want to bomb civilian journalists in a building that houses a number of local and foreign news organizations?

Are they trying to chase way eyewitnesses who will report on an Israeli invasion? 

It's the second strike on the building in two days. 
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This is the worst thing I've read about the conflict by far. Precious minutes I'll never get back. 
This article is very impartial. You should add some more things. Maybe how Hamas is not at fault, and how they are great people who only want peace. It is OK for them to fire rockets at innocent kids because they are being "occupied"

The fact that you would even mention what Israel is doing in the same sentence as Nazi shows how much hate you have in your heart.

You should keep your one sided opinions to yourself
I see your point.  The citizens of Israel should simply accept to suffer under daily rocket fire and hope that the patriot defense system saves them, but you probably would prefer is that the Israelis should walk themselves into gas chambers as Hamas would like the Jews to do.  You are a defender of blood thirsty terrorism and Islamic militancy and you are a stain on democracy.  You defend those who pose for pictures with dead children in one scene but who strap a bomb onto their children upon the age of 16. You defend those that hide missiles in hospitals and shoot them from schools.  You defend those who throw their own Palestinian brethren from rooftops and shoot them like dogs in the street.  Why don't you move to any country controlled by an Islamic militancy and tell us how you enjoy it.
I personally am not on one side or the other here, but to suggest that this is all Israel's fault is ignorant. You must have some kind of hate for Israel or Jews. I know that, that is a big assumption, but I don't know what else to think. It is very devastating to see civilians die in Gaza, especially little kids, but at the same time is Israel supposed to sit on the sidelines as Hamas and other organizations fire a perpetual stream of rockets on their civilians? What would you do?
Sure no matter if more Palestinians are killed, they are always to blame for they are 'terrorists'. By this inference they are sub-human and therefore no problem in them becoming cannon fodder. After all what can they do but fire a few pesky rockets and try 'suicide' attacks, easy to frame them as 'terrorists' due this. While the real terror of keeping close to 2 million people in perpetual terror of not escaping a fate of no hope is ignored by the world since after all they are sub-human terrorists to be swatted away by superior weapons of the remote variety which easily allows the blameless operator to make even 'mistakes' and kill a few dozen infants. Oh please, STFU! 
Brian Harrod You must be insane to implicate God in this way.  So let me get this straight Hamas militants are Innocent in this? Perhaps they should throw rockets at your neighborhood and see how you like it. Really you can't be serious to sacrilege the death of any child for journalistic sensationalism. God has law's you know in Romans 10 chapter a condition of Salvation that we not say who will ascend to heaven or descend to hell which would bring judgment on ourselves.
Israel has a right to attack military targets, but not children in civilian houses and foreign journalists in a media center.
First of all they are not targeting children, you need to think about what you write. Secondly, there were 4 Hamas commanders in the media center. 

Again any civilian death is a tragedy, but to have killed 40 Hamas commanders out of a 100 people killed is a better ratio than you will ever find. Make your articles a little less biased and you will gain people's respect. Don't let your misguided opinions cloud your judgement. An impartial journalist is a great journalist.
The Actions And Tactics That Israel Is A Crime Against Humanity And A National Security Threat To Innocent American Citizens, Because We Fund What Israel Is Doing To Palestinian Children.


Today, the people of Gaza suffer from a brutal blockade that has lasted for more than 6 years and isolation that has lasted for more than 20 years. Israel strictly controls imports into Gaza and exports are virtually non-existent. Palestinian life is so controlled by Israel that the Israeli government even sets policies on the minimum number of calories needed to prevent malnutrition

Access to the sea – one of their main sources of livelihood – is strictly curtailed and the water of the Gaza Strip is barely drinkable, with less than 5 per cent of their water supply fit for human consumption. Today, Gaza is an open-air prison and it comes as little surprise that UN agencies recently concluded that, in a few years, Gaza will become unlivable.


More than 50 per cent of the population of Gaza is under the age of 18 and 20 per cent are under the age of 5.

They live in one of the most densely populated places on Earth, without reasonable prospects for survival. All of these measures – the blockade, isolation, siege, and damaged water supply – will have a tremendously detrimental impact on the lives of these young individuals. These are not natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, but man-made ones.

Now, heaped on top, is Israel’s latest bombing campaign, one that does not distinguish civilian from combatant, adult from child.

How sad we felt when snow fell on the little children of Hurricane Sandy who were scared in the dark and just trying to survive.

But we don't notice the bombs that we paid for falling on the Palestinian Children who are scared, in the dark and trying to survive.

Israeli Army officials have taken to Twitter and other social media to belittle death. In the aftermath of one assassination, the Israeli army participated in the hashtag #HamasBumperStickers with one Israeli army official tweeting, “My car is a stairway to heaven with a little help from Israel.”

The effects are sadly on display: In the past few days alone, Israel has dropped more than 250 bombs on this densely populated land. These attacks are supplemented by naval and tank shelling. Among the 22 Palestinian victims are two school children playing soccer, an 11-month-old infant, a pregnant mother and three other children.

Israel has repeatedly asserted that any “democratic country” such as Canada would do the same and that it was left with “no choice.” These are patently false assertions. What Israel fails to explain is that other democracies have not maintained a brutal 45-year military occupation over another people; that other countries have not denied freedom to another people for decades; that other countries do not routinely expropriate land for Jewish-only housing and roads and that democratic countries do not control virtually every aspect of the lives of another people (including caloric consumption).

Yes, there are other options: Israel can easily end its military rule over Palestinians – in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip – and allow Palestinians to live in the freedom and dignity that is their right, and that of others around the world. Continuing to maintain control over the lives of others is only a recipe for disaster.

History has demonstrated that no subjugated people will willingly live under oppressive rule. The Palestinians are no different. The time has come for Israel to end its oppressive rule and allow the Palestinians to live in freedom.

Bombing a civilian, stateless, refugee population is not the answer. 
What is Israel supposed to do? What would you do? Take the hate out of your heart for one second and tell me.

Those are rhetorical questions  because I know that it is impossible for someone who would compare Israel to Nazism could ever objectively look at the situation!
I would be a good and honorable Jew and keep the agreements that Israel signed more than once.

I would give the Palestinians their freedom with a two state solution.
And as long as that doesn't happen, select Palestinians can fire rockets at innocent Israeli civilians. Makes perfect sense!

It takes two to tango
Love without rebuke, is not love.

It pains me that these misguided Israeli policies are hurting Israel more long term than it is hurting the Palestinian people.

Younger and older American Jews are reacting differently to the Palestinians’ bid for statehood.

I’ve written harshly of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 2006 and assault on Gaza in 2009, and on civil rights issues in Israel. But speaking my mind on these topics — a very Jewish thing to do — has never been easy.

Living in in the New York suburbs, support for Israel was as fundamental as voting Democratic or lighting the Shabbos candles on Friday night.

Most Jews at Hebrew school that Israel was the “land of milk and honey,” where Holocaust survivors irrigated the deserts and made flowers bloom.

But what they don't hear about was the lives of Palestinians.

But when these boys and girls go off to university they make Muslim friends. 

These Muslim friends challenged these young Jews to reconcile their liberal, humanist worldview with the fact that the Jewish state of which they are so proud is occupying the land of 4.4 million stateless Palestinians, many of them refugees displaced by Israel’s creation.

Then the American Jews, during during their senior year of college might take the free trip to Israel offered by the Taglit-Birthright program.

Ah, the bliss they feel floating in the Dead Sea, sampling succulent fruits grown by Jewish farmers and roaming the medieval city of Safed, the historic center of Kabbalah mysticism.

But wait all of this gets tempered by other experiences like when they were watching the construction of the imposing “security” fence, which not only tamped down terrorist attacks but also separated Palestinian villagers from their land and water supply.

Or maybe they spent hours in hushed conversation with a young Israeli soldier who was horrified by what he said was the routinely rough and contemptuous treatment of Palestinian civilians at Israeli military checkpoints.

These trips deepened the conviction of young American Jews that as they can no longer in good conscience offer Israel unquestioning support.

Polling of young American Jews shows that with the exception of the Orthodox, many feel less attached to Israel than do their baby boomer parents, who came of age during the era of the 1967 and 1973 wars, when Israel was less of an aggressor and more a victim.

A 2007 poll by Steven Cohen of Hebrew Union College and Ari Kelman of the University of California at Davis found that although the majority of American Jews of all ages continue to identify as “pro-Israel,” those under 35 are less likely to identify as “Zionist.” Over 40% of American Jews under 35 believe that “Israel occupies land belonging to someone else,” and over 30% report sometimes feeling “ashamed” of Israel’s actions.

These numbers a growing and going to grow more if Israel invades Gaza again.

Just look at what has happened recently....

Hanna King, an 18-year-old sophomore at Swarthmore College, epitomizes the generational shift. Raised in Seattle as a Conservative Jew, King was part of a group of activists last November who heckled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with slogans against the occupation at a New Orleans meeting of the Jewish Federations General Assembly.

A more moderate critique is expressed by J Street, the political action committee launched in 2008 as a “pro-Israel, pro-peace” counterweight to the influence in Washington of the more hawkish American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Simone Zimmerman heads J Street’s campus affiliate at the University of California, Berkeley. A graduate of Jewish private schools, she lived in Tel Aviv as an exchange student during high school but never heard the word occupation spoken in relation to Israel until she got to college.

During Zimmerman’s freshman year, Berkeley became embroiled in a contentious debate over whether the university should divest from corporations that do business with the Israeli army. Although Zimmerman opposed divestment, she was profoundly affected by the stories she heard from Palestinian-American activists on campus.

They were sharing their families’ experiences of life under occupation and life during the war in Gaza.

So much of what is happening to the Palestinians is related to things that I had always been taught to defend, like human rights and social justice, and the value of each individual’s life.

Even young rabbis are, as a cohort, more likely to be critical of Israel than are older rabbis.

Last year, Hebrew Union College researcher, released a survey of rabbinical students at New York’s Jewish Theological Seminary, the premier institution for training Conservative rabbis. Though current students are just as likely as their elders to have studied and lived in Israel and to believe Israel is “very important” to their Judaism, about 70% of the young prospective rabbis report feeling “disturbed” by Israel’s treatment of Arab Israelis and Palestinians, compared with about half of those ordained between 1980 and 1994.

These misguided Israeli policies have not only lost Israel international support, they are starting to cost Israel the support of the next generation of American Rabbis and Jews.

Read the survey results for yourself and tell me that I am wrong.... 
Benjamin Resnick, 27, is one of the rabbinical students who took the survey. In July of last year, he published an op-ed pointing out the ideological inconsistencies between Zionism, which upholds the principle of Israel as a Jewish state, and American liberal democracy, which emphasizes individual rights regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. “The tragedy,” Resnick says, is that the two worldviews may be “irreconcilable.”
From what I have read and the video's on TV innocent foreign journalists were not the target of the media strike.  Hard to know when you use innocent people as human shields.  But why would they care when they indiscriminately fire rockets at Israel.  
Look I support a free Palestinian state, but not one that is constantly disregarding civilian life in Israel.   Think of Mexico attacking the US to get Texas back on a daily basis.  US would not stand for it.  Neither should Israel.  

Your article is very one sided and blind to all the reporting of Hamas using Children and Media as human shields.  

There are always two sides, maybe you should study both prior to typing something and publishing it as public.  Many in the US should understand Isaelie incursion into Palestine lands.   
+Brian Harrod  why didn't they flatten it like they did to hamas HQ  they're definitely  able to    ever occur to you they avoid civilian casualties where hamas  deliberately target civilians   must say 1350 airstrikes and only 100(40 being terrorists Most of the rest human shields) dead
Any people of the world that use innocent people as human shields are cowered s. where's the decision made here are these innocent people used for shields also in the people that use them called infidel . All children of the world belong to God his Angles watch for them and any one that offends on of these little ones it would be better for them if they strap a 1,000 pound rock around their neck and cast it into the sea. That's Christ 
judgment and mercy for these sorry people that do these things to the innocent. God is watching.
How much more hypocritical can the these supporters of one of the most miltarised states in world talk about the Palestinians targeting civilians. Do they have a choice? They have these pea shooters as compared to the precision guided bombs / drones / missile defense system supplied or helped in developing by the US of A. They can't even aim the miserable munitions they use and most of them do no major damage and have killed 3 people till date by sheer chance. The siege Israel talks about is to prevent the Hamas from acquiring 'arms' of any sort! Let them then make the fight equal, by allowing the Hamas to import equivalent arms and then they can rave about targeting civilian or military.  Right from the outset Israel has had the support of the most powerful nation on the globe. This encourages them to take outright intransigent positions that do not help anybody. Example the statement of Mr. Obama while he was in south east Asia, Outright fawning support for the most militarised state in the world. They can call up 75,000 'reservist'. Essentially civilians drafted under a compulsory military service requirement in Israel. Can the Hamas force unwilling Palestinians to fight with them? There is groundswell of support for the Hamas since they are 'fighting' and have managed to eject the occupiers unlike the PA who for years have been trying the moderate route and have failed to deliver any HOPE. Why the Israeli's with the connivance of the US of A has stymied the moderate effort at every stage implicitly condoning the annexation of Palestinian land and now perhaps the whole of the West Bank and try and leave the Palestinians in limbo forever? How can the Israeli's wish away a hatred they have been perpetuating for their own benefit for the last half century or more?   
would you rather have Hamas bomb you. What makes you think your not next?
Dear Alan,

I am no fan of Hamas. Many There are 1.7 Million Palestinians and only about 16,000 members of Hamas. 

Many Palestinians don't like Hamas. They even tax food that is brought in from the tunnels to Egypt. 

I am a Jew and a Zionist, but that doesn't mean that I support every action that the State of Israel makes.

Just because, I am an American doesn't mean that I support every action that America takes.

If the united states were to make walled in open air prisons of Indian reservations and start limiting how many calories Indian men women and children can eat, then you would soon see improvised rockets coming out of the Indian reservations.

If you want to see a war on American soil, then go to  Ledyard, Connecticut and roundup the Mashantucket Pequot Indians and send them to some reservation in Arizona, just after you hand over their casino to someone else.

I did not support apartheid in South African and I do not support Apartheid in the occupied territories. 


Israel Finally Agrees To Cease Fire That Will Take Effect in 30 minutes. Innocent Israeli And Palestinian Women And Children Can Now Breath A Sigh Of Relief.

Pray That The Cease Fire Holds


Benjamin Netanyahu's Government Refused The Ceasefire Offer.

The Rockets Were Still Flying The Palestinians. The Ships were Still Bombarding The Palestinians. The Tanks Were Still Shelling The Palestinians.

But Then A Bus Was Been Blown Up In Tele Aviv.

Both sides need to learn that you can not target civilians and expect that your own people will be safe.

How the 'imminent' Gaza ceasefire unraveled the day before the bus was blown up in Tel Aviv.

A truce was said to be in the bag on Tuesday night, but hit stumbling blocks in a sign of the problems that lie ahead

The talks had originally focused on a two- to three-stage ceasefire.

The first stage was to have been what is known as a "temporary lull" or tahdiya in Arabic followed by a hudna – a truce or calming period which it had been hoped would set the scene for a longer-term agreement on issues relating both to the blockade of Gaza and assassinations of Hamas figures on one side and Israeli security demands regarding rocket fire on the other.

In Israel, according to news reports, a cabinet split saw the defence minister, Ehud Barak, prepared to accept the ceasefire originally on offer while the prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, were opposed.

That split, some analysts have speculated, may have as much to do with Israel's internal politics, with an election on the horizon, as the substance of any deal.

Thank you Benjamin Netanyahu.

Politics before country

Explosion hits bus in Tel Aviv as deadly Gaza crisis rages for another day until Benjamin Netanyahu could see results of his political ambitions.
Yes but Hell is for people that torment innocent women and children of all races and religions ans hell is made wider buy GOD FOR THE PEOPLE THAT torment them and use them as shields. Such people that torment in this way are COWARDS.
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