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Mega State And Local GOP Donor Jullie Killian, who in many ways is becoming more like Rye's Former Corrupt Mayor Doug French with each passing day.

Killian and French were recruited and promoted by your friendly Rye Republican Party.

Killian and French both buried the Dapolite - Rye Public Access Cable TV Censorship Affair. And something about taxes...

Legal documents filed at the Westchester County Courthouse on June 18, 2012, show that Rye City Councilwoman Julie Killian(R) has been issued a tax warrant by New York State's Department of Taxation & Finance for her failure to pay New York State income taxes.

As a result, a lien has been placed on Ms. Killian's plush 2.41 acre, 11,000+ square foot, multi-million dollar estate located at 42 Forest Avenue in Rye.

According to the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance, "A tax warrant is a legal action against you and creates a lien against your real and personal property."

The state further explains that a warrant is "a public record stating that you owe taxes to New York State" and that the state has "the right to collect your debt through a....


Income execution

Or, "seizure and sale of property."

State aid to rye schools has suffered, because some people coroporations and trusts have not paid their fair share.

Killian Paid Plenty To Republican Party
There is a silver lining to this story however. Although Ms. Killian failed to fully compensate the New York State by paying her fair share, she has remembered to stuff the coffers of the Republican Party to the tune of close to since June of 2010.

Among Ms. Killian's contributions is $3,200 to fellow (three-time) tax fugitive former Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin; $2,200 to Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino; $1,250 to GOP Senate Candidate and slumlord Rob Cohen; $250 to former Councilwoman Suzanna Keith; and more.

Ms. Killian also hosted a $2,500 per head fundraiser for former Rye Town Supervisor and tax delinquent Joe Carvin at her tax encumbered estate.

The Republican joke, Known as former Mayor French, whose public statements were always less than credible refuted accusations of unfair play in Ms. Killian's appointment to the Rye City Council by telling a Rye City Review Reporter,“Regardless of these other theories of donations or GOP... Carvin Killianany ties to party politics, I’m not seeing it."

Later Rye's former corrupt Mayor Perhaps Mayor French's memory was refreshed when a GOP campaign videos started circulating on social media.

Ms. Killian was in this video of three time tax deleqent Joe Carvin announced his run for congress in March. Ms. Killian proves to be a real trooper, braving a windy day and windier speech as 1 of only 9 people (not married to or fathered by) Mr. Carvin in attendance.

Mr.Carvin, with Ms.Killian's help went on to win the Rye Town Supervisor's job and immediately proceeded to start destroying Rye Town Park.

One can almost hear Ms.Killian's News12 Commentator and Campaign Manager Tony Sayegh in a FOX News interview repeated Former corrupt Rye City Mayor French's famous words.....

"Any ties to party politics. I’m not seeing it,”
- Former Mayor French

Its the same ole song, but with a different beat now that French is gone.

The only thing different this time is that New York State Tax delinquent Jullie Killlian's allies have thrown all ethics to the wind and are now using a 501(c)(4) -“social welfare” organization to buy attack ads in a Cablevision News 12 smear campaign against New York State Senator George Latimer.As News 12 Commentator

Tony Sayegeh pulls the strings in the background and smiles as a tax exempt "social welfare" organization buys ads to aid a New York State income tax delinquent. Then later he goes to the News 12 studios to talk about voters are tired of political dirty tricks.
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Brian Harrod

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AAA: Blood Tests to Catch Stoned Drivers Are Bogus

The thorniest issue with state marijuana legalization just got a lot harder to navigate. Most state laws designed to catch drugged drivers are based on junk science, according to new analysis by the AAA Foundation for Traffic safety. There is no blood test that can accurately gauge whether or not a person is actively stoned and the most common legal standard for drugged driving "cannot be scientifically supported," the traffic safety analysts found. It's not that the current blood-level thresholds are set in the wrong place, either. "The data do not support science-based per se limits for THC" in drugged driving laws at all, AAA found. Previous research on blood tests for drugged driving have arrived at the same conclusion, though well-known flaws with the tests have not stopped people from smearing the victims of police violence based on toxicology reports.
America's drugged driving laws are all stem and no flower, according to the nation's premier travelers' organization.
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Brian Harrod

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Space Trash Chips Window on ISS

Last month space debris chipped a window in the International Space Station. A small piece of space debris made a seven mm-diameter circular chip in an observation window. The debris that caused the chip was possibly a paint flake or a small metal fragment no bigger than a few thousandths of a millimeter. "I am often asked if the International Space Station is hit by space debris. Yes -- this is the chip in one of our Cupola windows, glad it is quadruple glazed!" astronaut Tim Peake wrote. While this chip is minor, larger debris would pose a serious threat. An object up to one centimeter in size could disable an instrument or a critical flight system on a satellite. Anything above one centimeter could penetrate the shields of the station's crew modules, and anything larger than 10 centimeters could shatter a satellite or spacecraft into pieces.
Tim Peake – Verified account @astro_timpeake. Often asked if @Space_Station is hit by space debris. Yes – this chip is in a Cupola window … Embedded image. 6:07 AM - 12 May 2016. 1237 Retweets2103 Likes. Reply to @astro_timpeake ...
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Brian Harrod

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Honey, I Shrunk the Middle Class

In cities across America, the middle class is hollowing out. A widening wealth gap is moving more households into either higher- or lower-income groups in major metro areas, with fewer remaining in the middle, according to a report released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center. In nearly one-quarter of metro areas, middle-class adults no longer make up a majority, the Pew analysis found. That's up from fewer than 10 percent of metro areas in 2000. That sharp shift reflects a broader erosion that occurred from 2000 through 2014. Over that time, the middle class shrank in nine of every 10 metro areas, Pew found.

The report documents several other key trends:

-- Income for the typical household fell in 190 of the 229 metro areas studied, further evidence of the decline in U.S. living standards since 1999. Median incomes fell even in wealthier cities such as San Francisco, Seattle and Denver.

-- Income inequality is lifting some Americans closer to the top even as people in the middle fall further. Median incomes fell 8 percent nationwide from 1999 to 2014. Yet the share of adults in upper-income homes rose to 20 percent from 17 percent. Middle-income households declined to 51 percent from 55 percent.

-- The hollowing out of the middle class has occurred even as the income needed to meet Pew's definition of the middle has declined. A three-person household had to earn $45,
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Brian Harrod

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White House Adviser: U.S. Security Agencies Are Too White

White House National Security Adviser Susan E. Rice said there are too many white people in key government posts, creating the danger of "groupthink" that could put U.S. security at risk. "Intelligence analysts, diplomats and military officers who are native speakers may pick up subtle nuances that might otherwise go unnoticed," said Rice speaking at Florida International University's commencement Wednesday. "Diplomats who can read cultural cues may better navigate the political and social currents of a foreign nation. In sum, leaders from diverse backgrounds can often come up with more creative insights, proffer alternative solutions and thus make better decisions."

A diversified government workforce is more likely to yield "better outcomes" than a predominantly white one, Rice said.

Referring to criticism that the U.S. national security workforce is "white, male, and Yale," Ms. Rice told the graduates, "In the halls of power, in the faces of our national security leaders, America is still not fully reflected."

LOL...This is Rice on whites.

But she has a point....

Currently the groupthink, everything is bomb, bomb and bomb, punish, punish punish.

Very little diplomacy. If fact diplomacy is currently looked at as a weakness.
White House National Security Adviser Susan E. Rice said Wednesday there are too many white people in key government posts, creating the danger of “groupthink” that could put U.S. security at risk.
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Brian Harrod

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VIDEO: Father of 3 Knocked Out by Clown During Circus

A man was knocked unconscious during a circus stunt in Wales Monday when a clown landed on his head -- as his fiancee and two daughters watched. Ben Garnham was seen in the dramatic video being flipped by the clown who appeared to be taken by his own momentum and landed directly on Garnham's head. The man went limp and, after a quick attempt by circus workers to revive him, was rushed off the stage. Garnham reportedly suffered a cut head and swollen face. He was taken to a hospital after complaining of a headache. He said he appreciated that the circus gave him a refund and looked forward to seeing the show again this weekend.
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BREAKING: Rye City Councilwoman Julie Killian Is Starting With Attack Ads In An Effort To Try And Take Away George Latimer's State Senate Seat. Mega Local And State GOP Donor Julie Killian, who is a city of Rye councilwoman, has announced that she plans to seek the New York state Senate seat for ...
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Trump Should Stop Hiding His Tax Returns

Thorndike writes, "Returns can also tell us how much tax a candidate pays in taxes, which by extension tells us about her average tax rate. In a political world of Buffett rules and millionaire surcharges, that sort of information is interesting and maybe even relevant to a candidate's bid for office.

"But other factors are even more important. Returns can shed light on the way a candidate lives his life. It can tell us about charitable giving as well as personal borrowing and investment activity. Returns can also illuminate the complicated business arrangements that often provide the bulk of a candidate's income, especially for a real estate mogul like Trump."

One wonders if that business of him getting credit for not putting up buildings he probably wasn't going to put up anyway would be in those returns.

We already know he makes claims about all kinds of things - from dancing New Jersey Muslims to charitable activities - that prove bogus.

Perhaps those tax returns would cast more light on his manipulation - whether legal or not - of the pertinent provisions of the tax code.
Trump is set to become the first major party nominee since 1976 to elevate his personal privacy over the public interest.
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Artist Plans Nude Shoot During GOP Convention

Spencer Tunick is looking for 100 women to pose nude for a photo shoot he is planning to do in Cleveland while the Republican National Convention is in town. In 2004 Tunick did a photo that included 2,754 people posing nude on a public street. But for the July 17 photo he will be on private property, which avoids permit requirements. The women will hold mirrors at sunrise. "By holding mirrors, we to suggest that women are a reflection and embodiment of nature, the sun, the sky and the land," Tunkick writes on his volunteer-sign-up website. "We want to express the belief that we will rely upon the strength, intuition and wisdom of progressive and enlightened women to find our place in nature and to regain the balance within it."

In all that is HOLY we pray that Hillary will not take part in this event.....Amen !!!
An artist known for his large-scale nude photo shoots is planning to make his return to Cleveland at this summer's Republican National Convention.
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FBI Director: Filming Police Increases Crime

The crime rates may be up the first three months of 2016 because police fear being filmed while doing their job, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation James Comey said this week. "What I'm talking about is sort of the viral video effect," Comey said Wednesday during a briefing with reporters at the bureau's headquarters. "Changes in the way police may be acting and in the way communities may be acting in terms of how much information they share with police could well be at the heart of this or could well be an important factor in this." Comey had raised the same issue last year calling it the "Ferguson effect." White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked about Comey's remarks during Thursday's press briefing. "Now, as it relates to getting to the undermining cause of those upticks in violence, there still is no evidence to substantiate the claim that the increase in violent crime is related to an unwillingness of police officers to do their job," said Earnest, adding that Comey had indicated he's seeking additional information about why the uptick is happening.

Most cops I know do not mind being filmed. Many have at least dash cams, many have body cams. How would having more video cause a problem? As long as the guy with the camera is not in the way, I can not see any grounds for a legal objection.

Law enforcement has repeatedly said,"If you're not guilty, you have nothing to worry about". Right?
Comey doubled down on his earlier claims that the videotaping of officers is hindering their ability to police communities and prevent crime.
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Reuters Poll: Hillary 41%, Trump 40%

Donald Trump's support has surged and he is now running nearly even with Democrat Hillary Clinton among likely U.S. voters, a dramatic turnaround since he became the Republican party's presumptive presidential nominee, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday. The results could signal a close fight between the two likely White House rivals as Americans make up their minds ahead of the Nov. 8 election to succeed Democratic President Barack Obama. Nineteen percent were undecided, according to the online poll of 1,289 people conducted from Friday to Tuesday.
Donald Trump's support has surged and he is now running nearly even with Democrat Hillary Clinton among likely U.S. voters, a dramatic turnaround since he became the Republican party's presumptive presidential nominee, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday.
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Bomb Recipe Passed Around as Sanders 'Glowstick'

An infographic making its way around the internet called "How to Make Bernie Sanders Glowsticks" is actually a recipe for a homemade chlorine bomb. The guide, which has been shared on Facebook and Twitter and has made its way to Reddit forums and Tumblr, includes a recipe it says will make small, Bernie-themed blue glowsticks. YouTube videos posted by people who have attempted the combination have shown that the mixture explodes almost immediately. The mixture is actually creating a gas which explodes in the pressurized bottle and releases the chemicals into the air.
An infographic recipe being widely shared on social media is a dangerous mix.
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On the second visit I noticed from the parking lot that cooks are preparing food in the open air behind the restaurant while smoking heavily. Looking over the counter into the kitchen it is easy to see it is not the cleanest place around. I decide to try another place. Most don't see the sanitary conditions, because many orders are delivered.
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