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Feeling the love today!! :)

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I wouldn't mind a Nexus 4!

Merry Christmas to all!!

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+David Teichman +Matt Giardina +Travis Sawyer Ironic how we were just discussing these ketchup cups just the other day .....
Ready to have your mind blown? Apparently we've all been using those disposable ketchup cups incorrectly this whole time. Due to some clever papercraft, they are each designed to open and fan out, allowing you to dispense even more ketchup to dunk your french fries in. Next thing you know people will be using these for origami, and I can't wait ;)

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+Matt Giardina .. Have you tried out Jelly Bean yet?  It has some nice new features that I am enjoying .. I've got it paired with Franco kernel right now .. running great!  

HBD +David Teichman .. sorry I didn't make you a cake like Matt G. lol

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+David Teichman +Matt Giardina .. I don't know if you guys have been able to sync your desktop chrome to the mobile chrome .. but I installed a dev version of chrome from here .. .. and now my desktop syncs up flawlessly.
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