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Senator Elizabeth Warren says so eloquently yet simply why we need to raise the minimum wage. It's been 7 years since it was last raised! It's time to raise it again. #RaiseTheWage #LivingWage #IncomeInequality #EndCorporateWelfare
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Here's the huge difference between science & religion my friends. #Science #Cosmos
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36 Reasons to Thank a Union

Organized labor is the ONLY thing that has successfully taken on corporate tyranny, abuse, and exploitation of working folks in the last century. Every gain we take for granted today was painfully fought and sacrificed for.

Today, a mere 7% of the private sector in the US is unionized, and every attempt to turn that around faces an onslaught of corporate cash that fuels a bitter disinformation and fear mongering campaign, mainly through conservative propaganda networks like Fox "News" and talk radio. 

Debunk their vicious propaganda with this handy guide from +Media Matters for America - Myths and Facts: Unions And Organized Labor

#Union   #Labor   #OrganizedLabor   #Unions  
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Thanks for the share Brian... I fully agree  :-)

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As the source for all beings is OMNISCIENCE, we must understand that if we TAP this source effectively then accomplishing our goals is a definite. Always think with a CLEAR HEAD and never navigate through your EMOTIONS! Don't cloud your movements! Breathe Life and Love Daily! with +Cheryl Clarke 
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Text formatting for Google+ posts and comments. Also, create bullet lists by pressing Alt + 7 for closed bullets and Alt + 9 for open bullets:
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Who makes the minimum wage?
More than half → Women
More than half → Work full time
Average age → 35

Share this if you agree it's time to #RaiseTheWage →
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RT if you're excited that #cosmos is on TONIGHT!
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Will Rollo kill Floki? What will Lagertha do to Ragnar when she meets Princess Aslaug and finds out she's pregnant with Ragnar's child? Will Athelstan renounce his Christian religion and become a full believer in Odin & the Viking gods? Will Rollo betray Ragnar by fighting against him? It's going to be an exciting Season 2 of #Vikings !!!
#Vikings Season 2 is just 2 weeks away! The raiding begins Thurs. Feb.27 at 10/9c on History. Don't miss it!

Reviews, interviews, photos and more available at:
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$285 + $25/day charge is absolutely outrageous and greedy! Plus, it costs money to pay for a taxi if this is your only car just to go get your car! I didn't even get a phone call. I just went to my apartment's parking lot this morning to go to work and my car was gone. I found out my car was towed by calling the phone number on the sign in the parking lot. I wasn't even sure what happened to my car. It could have been stolen for all I knew. I was towed for an expired permit from my own apartment's parking lot. I missed a whole day of work and might lose my job now, and I am not even sure how I am going to get my car back. It's bad enough that I am missing work and have the inconvenience of having my car towed, but having to pay almost $300 on top of that should be illegal. I am sure this company just loved towing my car because they get to make more money by completely screwing me over. I am just lucky I even have the money in my account. If I didn't have the money, I would be missing even more days of work until I get my next paycheck. And by then it would cost me even more money! We had them tow our car once before too. I remember it took a while just to get our car back because the person at the window completely ignored us while we waited almost a 1/2 hour just for them to even talk to us. I hate this company! I think the whole system is unfair & towing companies are just exploiting people who make mistakes and then have to pay way too much money for little mistakes. I shouldn't be towed from my own apartment's parking lot either! I live here and I was towed just for having an expired permit. They shouldn't be allowed to do that!
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DON'T BANK WITH TCF BANK! They are a terrible bank. They sucker you in with the $50 free cash to sign up with them. But after banking with them for a few years, I ended up losing hundreds of dollars to TCF Bank due to fees, fees, and more fees! This bank was practically abandoned every time I went in. They have horrible customer service. I am proud to say that I have closed my account with them & have moved on to someone else! Also, don't bank with Wells Fargo either. They're just as bad (but at least they have better customer service and pretend to care about you). If you bank with TCF Bank in Stillwater, at least use the one inside of Cub Foods. The one inside Cub Foods is much better. If you are looking for a bank, try a credit union or a small, local community bank. You will be glad you did!
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Worst customer service ever! Wal-Mart has really gone downhill I'm sorry to say. The physical store itself is nice because it's a big Supercenter with a large selection including a full grocery and other mini-stores such as a Subway inside it. But unfortunately the service is so horrible that I'd rather shop at smaller stores with good service than one big store with horrible customer service. The workers are untrained, unfriendly, unhelpful, uncaring, slow, incompetent, and the store is understaffed. It took 3 employees 30 minutes to have 2 money orders printed at customer service. All they said was sorry. They have 30 registers but only about 2 are open at a time. The store is dusty and dirty. The shelves are never stocked. The shopping carts are horrible. The managers are incompetent. I applied there once, had 4 interviews, and each time they kept asking me, "What are you applying for again? Who are you supposed to meet again?" The people there don't know what they are doing and have a bad attitude. And good luck getting your questions answered when you call. They put you on hold, transfer you, you go back to the same person, they transfer you again, then you get disconnected. I'd rather shop somewhere else so I can get decent service with a smile. Saving a few dollars is not worth it if the service is that bad. I live in Stillwater and used to shop at this store all the time when I first moved here. It could be a decent store if they hired all new people, actually trained in their workers, kept their store clean and stocked, and cared more about providing good customer service. Make your customers happy so they will come back Wal-Mart! It's sad that today it seems like money is the bottom line. When all that matters is the price, quality goes down, employees get mistreated, and customers end up with a "you're on your own" service.
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