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Loyalty is a Commitment

Our lives are full of people. Some relationships we enjoy, while others we would rather do without. Loyalty is a commitment to the people in our lives and is demonstrated when life doesn’t go the way we think it should.

Similar to qualities such as patience and endurance, loyalty is often seen not in one moment, but over a period of time. As you consistently invest in the lives of others, trust can be built and relationships strengthened.

The true test of loyalty lies in what we do when life brings challenges our way. Having an awareness that one may have to overcome obstacles along the way is part of loyalty.

When those tough times come, a person with loyalty will be dependable because they are determined to carry on even with adversity staring them in the face. They will finish well because they prepared themselves and chose to fulfill the commitment they made to others.

By fulfilling your commitment, even through the changes and challenges of life, you may have the opportunity to see a deeper level of trust with those in your family and people with whom you work. There is always joy and a sense of fulfillment that comes from following through with what was promised.

How loyal are you to the commitments that you made?
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Brian Gosur

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Ever Have to Apologize To Someone?

A true apology involves a lot more than just saying "I'm sorry," and scientists are reporting that they've broken down effective apologies to six basic elements—and that two of them are by far the most important aspects.

First, the six elements as laid out by Ohio State University researchers are:
Expressing regret
Explaining what went wrong
Acknowledging responsibility
Declaring repentance
Offering to repair
Asking forgiveness

If you have to leave out one element, asking to be forgiven isn't going to get you too far.

"Our findings showed that the most important component is an acknowledgement of responsibility—say it is your fault, that you made a mistake," the lead researcher says.

But that's not all. "One concern about apologies is that talk is cheap. But by saying, 'I'll fix what is wrong,' you're committing to take action to undo the damage."

Remember your actions that follow will prove to the person if you were really sorry in the first place.
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Brian Gosur

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What is Patience?
Patience is “Taking the time necessary to work through a difficult situation.” We tend to think of patience as “waiting,” but true patience involves much more. It's something this world could use a whole lot more of.
So what is patience?

Does it mean to simply “Wait things out?”

In fact, the character quality of patience is much deeper and has many different facets of meaning.

In addition to the primary definition in the dictionary of “waiting without getting upset,” there are secondary definitions that include the concept of “quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care, diligence.”


Why would a definition of patience include the idea of diligence?

This definition contains three basic ideas, and we'll break that down for you tomorrow.

Come back tomorrow and see what patience is really all about.
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Brian Gosur

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For most people it’s difficult to take criticism.

After all, we have experience. We know what’s right. We have been here before. We have read the books and attended the seminars.

What right does the person making the suggestion or criticism have to tell us what to do? Do they know everything? Are they perfect?

Pride has destroyed companies, families, relationships, and groups of all types. It has caused people to lose fortunes and to lose so many things we would not have enough room to list them all here.

No matter who you are, realize that you are not immune to this deadly disease. Criticism will show up in all kinds of ways and in all kinds of sizes, and no one can be a bigger critic than we can.

Much criticism is hurled in very mean and destructive ways, but there can be threads of truth hiding in between those jabs and insults.

Learn to find those truths and allow them to grow you and make you a much bigger person than the one who is throwing them at you.

As a good friend of mine used to always say, “If it doesn’t stick, let it go.”

Even your critics can be a big asset to you, and they don’t even know it.
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Brian Gosur

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I'm sure it comes as no surprise to most of us that we act out precisely what we take in.

In other words, we become what we think.

Long before that familiar line found its way into Psychology 101 and hyped-up sales meetings, the Bible included it in one of its ancient scrolls.

It just said it in a little different way: "For as a man thinks within himself, so he is" (Prov. 23:7).

The secret of living a life of excellence is merely a matter of thinking thoughts of excellence.

Really, it's a matter of programming our minds with the kind of information that will set us free. Free to be all God meant us to be. Free to soar!

It will take awhile, and it may be painful—but what a metamorphosis! 

Click this link:
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Brian Gosur

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Treat People Like Cows

This is one of Zig Ziglars' incredible stories told as only he could tell it.

"My dad died during the Great Depression when I was five. Six of us children were too young to work outside the home, but all of us did our part around the house. Our economic survival was built around five milk cows and a large garden. We sold the surplus milk and butter as well as many of the vegetables.

I was milking cows by the time I was eight years old and I can tell you from experience that cows don't "give" milk - you have to fight for every drop! I can also tell you that the way you treat the cow has a direct bearing on the quantity and the quality of the milk she produces. If you beat her and treat her badly as you are preparing to milk her, two things will happen. She will give less milk and the milk might not be usable, because when she is angry and upset the milk she produces is often bitter and useless. In addition, she might retaliate and kick you. I'm not suggesting that you need to "kiss" the cow, but I am encouraging you to speak kindly to her and stroke her a time or two to let her know you appreciate her efforts. My mother loved her cows and expected her children to love them, too. As a result, we got maximum production from our cows which gave us an extra bonus. After keeping one for two or three years, we raised her milk production so much Mom could sell that cow for considerably more money than she paid for her. For us that was a big plus.

Here's the message. Treat people kindly, gently, and with respect and consideration. They will respond favorably and if they happen to be on your payroll they will work harder and be more productive.

On the other hand, if you abuse them, they will be unable to do their best. Think about it. Treat people like cows" Zig Ziglar ...

...and success will follow you.
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Brian Gosur

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We can all do something right once. The trick is to keep doing the right things with consistent persistence.

Make a decision today to pick one thing to do that if you keep doing it over a long period of time, your life will be better. Then do it everyday. It really is that simple.
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Brian Gosur

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Do you have to behave in a perfect way and get perfect results to be happy?

Then happiness will never be easy for you to find. 

Setting the bar for your performance at an inhuman level usually leads to low self-esteem and feeling like you are never good enough, even though you may have had a lot of good or excellent results. 

You and what you do is never good enough except maybe once in a while when it feels like something goes just right.

It's never perfection, but always direction that should be your aim.
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Brian Gosur

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Are you a Victim or Hero?

A victim is someone who blames others or circumstances for his or her situation. They don't take responsibility, they think "poor me" and relinquish control of their life to others or just rely on chance.

In contrast, a hero faces his fears head-on, understands that success requires risk and failure is a possibility, but the reward is often well worth the risk.

Stated another way, heroes accept the hand they have been dealt and play it to win, doing whatever it takes to try and create positive results. Victims blame their luck and fold. Victims give up. Heroes never do.

It is this attitude that is the fundamental difference between victims and heroes, failure and success. Your attitude is something you can control. It's a skill that you can learn. In fact, it’s a skill that 99% of all successful people have, cultivate and use to their benefit.

And when you have the right attitude you can take the right actions. After all, without action all you have are meaningless dreams.

Here is a suggestion for an action you can take right now that could change your future forever.
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Brian Gosur

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I don’t always love well.

I don’t feel like it,

I’m mad,

I’m worried or I question God.

Notice the five personal pronouns I just used?

It reminds me that when I am the focus, my love for God and people do not get the attention they deserve. It’s in His loving arms that we are reminded of what authentic love really feels like.

God’s love allows us to love others, and no earthly relationship is as great as our relationship with Him.
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Brian Gosur

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Brian Gosur

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What's prosperity? It's not just about making money. Think you know? More importantly, think you can handle it?
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