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Brian Gosur

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There are many people who think that gaining more knowledge will make them successful. Don’t get me wrong, knowledge is important. It’s an important ingredient to achieving success. Without it we can make foolish mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

On the other hand, the world is full of people that know what they should, or could, but do little to change an important area in their life. They don't put it into practice.

I have witnessed some people that very rarely apply the information they have acquired. They keep participating in more trainings or gain more degrees, but they don't use the information they have.

When we start applying the knowledge we have, we learn it in an entirely different way. Applying information can many times be very different than when we had learned it to be.

When we take action on the knowledge we have gained, we will start to see the positive results come to life; that’s when we start experiencing success.

Getting good grades and sitting in your classroom is one thing, but going out there and putting into action what you’ve learned, is where your real grades come in. That’s your financial statement. That’s your real grade.

Decide today that you will take an action you have been putting off. If it doesn't work, readjust and take another one.

Because this school is always in session.
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Brian Gosur

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*Say Goodbye to Yesterday*

The ability to move on from failure is key to continuing to attempt great things.

The mind can only focus on so much, so if we’re still too focused on what we did wrong, we can’t give all of our attention to attempting to do things right.

Here are five behaviors of people who haven’t gotten over past difficulties:

•Comparison. Either measuring your failures against those of others, or convincing yourself that your circumstances were harder than theirs.

•Rationalization. Telling yourself and others that you have good reasons for not getting over past hurts and mistakes. Believing that those who encourage you “just don’t understand."

•Isolation. Pulling back and keeping yourself separate from others, either to avoid dealing with the issues, or to continue to feel sorry for yourself.

•Regret. Getting stuck lamenting or trying to fix things that cannot be changed.

•Bitterness. Feeling like a victim and blaming others for negative outcomes.

"Yesterday ended last night. Today is a brand new day and it's yours." Zig Ziglar.
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Brian Gosur

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The perception of risk, real or imagined, creates fear.

Everyone has fear.

One of the biggest fears is leaving your 9-to-5 job and starting your own business. Here is my advice...


Start off by creating a little extra income. Turn that income into a business and grow that business into a path to financial independence.

Don’t let fear steal your dreams.

Make life better for you and your family.

Start today.
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Brian Gosur

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How does it make you feel when someone genuinely listens to you? I mean they are looking right at you, not somewhere else, and they are honestly hearing you.

What they are silently saying back to you is that they care about you, and they have your best interest in mind? It’s so obvious. Doesn’t it make you feel awesome when that happens?

The sad fact is this does not happen very often. Many times someone is only partially listening to us. Their mind and attention is somewhere else.

They might be thinking about something that needs to be done. They may be thinking about issues that they have personally.

This is the norm with most people. When someone is only partially listening, we have a completely different internal response.

If we want to develop powerful relationships, we need to learn to listen better. If you are good at this, you probably have some great relationships and people are attracted to you.

If you don't listen actively and give the person you are talking with your undivided attention, you might want to work on this.

Everyone has something to say, they’re just looking for someone to say it too.

Are you a good listener?
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Brian Gosur

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It’s common for people to live most of their life in a state of reaction. Most people don’t proactively design their lives and follow a well thought out plan that will take them to a desired destination. 
At the end of each day we should be able to look back on it and see the intentional actions we took that day that are taking us toward our God-given visions. When we use our time productively, we will see positive results. We will reap what we sow. 
Start each day with your Visions and Goals in mind and a simple Plan in place to move forward. 

It’s true that the day may hold many surprises and detours, but with these things in place, we can easily make corrections and get back on course when this happens. 
Take charge of your time and your life. It has been given to you to do with as you determine. Make sure you do a good job with what you have and you will be given more.
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Brian Gosur

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Watch Out For the Eeyore’s in Your Life

We all know people who are constantly negative. They may even call themselves realists. They can tell you all of the reasons that something will not work. They complain about the weather, politics, the economy, people, etc.

Want to know what you can do about people like that?

Read the rest of the story here.
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Brian Gosur

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Positive or Negative
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Brian Gosur

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Discipline is one of the most hated terms of our times . . . right alongside patience and self-control. But have you noticed how often it comes up in the testimonies of those who win?

Here are key uses of discipline:
• No runner completes the training or a race without it.
• No weight-loss program is maintained without it.
• No human body is kept fit without it.
• No mind is sharpened without it.
• No temptation is overcome without it.

If you want to put a stop to mediocrity, to replace excuses with fresh determination and procrastination with tough-minded perseverance, you need discipline.

Winners know that disciplined persistence must be a major part of their training. That's the only way victory becomes an attainable reality rather than a distant dream.

"The undisciplined is a headache to himself and a heartache to others, and is unprepared to face the stern realities of life." Author Unknown
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Brian Gosur

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If you see something that needs to be done, do it. Don't wait for someone else.

Don't become someone who knows everything that should be done but stops there.

Become a doer of good solutions.

If you do, success is yours.
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Brian Gosur

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If you don’t know which way you’re going, it doesn’t matter how much wind you have in your sails, because you’re going nowhere.

Have you taken the time to determine what is most important to you in your life? If not, you may want to look at each segment of your life and get a clear picture of what you want it to look like. 
It’s important to get the picture in your mind. However, don't stop there. You should also put the vision in writing. You should review it often. You should internalize it. 
When this becomes your destination, you will start taking actions leading you to it. You will start becoming acutely aware when you’re going off course or doing things that are taking you away from your vision. 

This is a fundamental truth that you can't afford to miss. 

Miss it, and your ship could be off course for a long long time. 

Maybe for the rest of your life.
Where are you going?
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Brian Gosur

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In his publication, "Better Families," Dr. J. Allan Petersen tells of an experiment conducted by a psychologist friend, Dr. Lacy Hall. 

What they found will blow your mind away.

Read the story here:
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Brian Gosur

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If you want to be successful, take massive action.

If you take massive action, you will make many mistakes.

If you make a lot of mistakes, you will have tremendous opportunities to learn.

If you learn from your mistakes, you can take better actions next time.

If you take enough better actions, you will eventually succeed.

Each one of us has the opportunity to decide what failures and mistakes will mean to us.

Will you use yours to catapult you to success?

Or will you beat yourself up when you make a mistake? Worse yet, will your mistakes make you quit your dreams and walk away?

Or will you not take any action because of fear of failure?

Fear of failure because of mistakes, or learn from mistakes and let them drive you forward toward your dreams and success?

The choice is yours!
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