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Brian Gonzales
"LIVE Art! It's Not a Choice Anymore."
"LIVE Art! It's Not a Choice Anymore."

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I am excited to be a part of DevSigner Con 2015. Last year was great - this year will be even BETTER! Join us:
June 27-28, 2015 at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in the Pearl District of Portland.
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Had a blast with the Homies Schoph + Corey Smith last week in Seattle.
"LIVE ART! It's Not a Choice Anymore." 
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600 x 315 = Facebook Standardized Ad Dims
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Superbowl Rap Battle ( Compliment Round )

I screwed up in the video and forgot some lines under pressure  
Here is the full set of Bars

WARNING: Explicit Lyrics

OK - OK - Calm down - Calm down
Let me get some of shit off my chest
This heres a Battle not of dis -> RESPECT!
365 ago I made a bet 
But in a Battle of Champions - there can only be 1 BEST

I gotta give it up to dem boys in green and Blue
Seahawks murdered us at first down, 
took our title 
and showed the world how they do
For most of you - It's already known 
Seattle was my college home
A place with where cowards used to huddle 
underneath its concrete dome
But these daze a new breed of hustlers walk the street
Chanting 12th Man! 
To the marching band
Rattling opponents to defeat

Now whats the deal with Richard Sherman?
Is he the black man's Pee-Wee Herman?
Why is he rockin Neff shades - kissing lamas
Doing selfies with Obama and other team mates Mommas
Why's he always talkin shit - that hes the best they Be?
Going viral in all the media like Twitter has VD
But I guess when you the champ - you can claim what chu want
No doubt he won the title - by the ring in which he flaunts 
So Sherman - keep talkin your shit 
One day your gunna get yours
But till den
You gunna defend 
And drop opponents on all fours
So Fuck it.

And BeastMode?? More like cheat code…
Driving fools over
Like Bowzer from Mario Cart
Somehow Marshawn must have mushroom super powers
With that Up Up Down Down (Left Right Left Right)B A Start!
(and that’s CONTRA bitch - #sendit!)
Now its time for the poster boy - Russell 'Mutha Fuggin' Wilson
Honestly there ain't shit say - he's a real Class Act
finished college in 3 years
Dual sport athlete
Gives back to charity
And that’s a fact…
( Its true - its true - look it up )

On that note - I must say - we're not even on the same plain
Payton Manning holds more NFL records 
than almost any QB to ever play the game
Most passing touchdowns
Most yards in a season
Laundry List goes on
He's the BEST for a Reason
( Its true - its true - look it up )

But it all comes down to any given Sunday
And maybe one day 
If the light of God be shining down
Maybe ya'll too can wear the crown
Feel what its like in the court of kings
To know that you too can be the champs
With Repeat Super Bowl Rings

Now everyone knows 
I'm a Bronco Fan till I DIE
But a bets a bet and Im a man of my word
So enjoy this moment
Cuz next year son - 
We bringing the trophy back home to Mile High 

[ … ROUND …]
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Drupal - it's more than a web development framework - it's WordPress for smart people.
Drupal - it's more than a web development framework - it's a total chic magnet.
Drupal - it's more than a web development framework - it's our excuse for drinking beer and coding in public places.
Drupal - it's more than a web development framework - it's a community of friends, competitors and tech gurus.

(It would be funny if these randomly rotated...)

PS - I'm just kidding ya'll - lighten up :)
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Check out this mural I designed for USOUTDOOR back in the day! Shred on...
Winter is here, and so are we.... for all of your outdoor adventure needs #snowwaterland
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Damn you SASS and your Selectiveness with Steve - #maplemajestic

Please play nice with Foundation again.


sudo gem uninstall sass && sudo gem install sass -v 3.3.14
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