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Community moderators can now manage comments

Hey guys - many moderators have asked for a way to delete comments that may not be appropriate for their communities. Today, we’re rolling out a change to enable just that.

As a moderator, just hover over the comment you’d like to delete, then click the ‘X’ button in the upper-right corner. Easy!

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I hope I won`t need it but I am glad to have it! And i like that +Google+ keeps developing and bringing features... 
Really? Do I need to flush my cache or something? I'm not seeing this.
Any ETA on the ability to edit Category on posts as the Moderator?  Would be nice to be able to clean up/organize our Communities a bit. :)
Robert M.
Nice! Thanks +Brian Glick   Next feature we need is being able to move posts into different categories within a community.
+Brian Glick this is awesome.  Now please, when do we get the ability to ban a member right from a comment instead of having to scroll through a list of 12,001 names just to get to the S's?

As a side note, sorting member lists by first name, and then capital letters before lower case is even more difficult when you're trying to remove a spammer.  Brian Glick appears in the list in the B's, but brian glick is all the way down after the Z's.  Yikes!!! Google=Search.,,,please please please let me search my member list, please?  (I know, you're working on it.) RANT
+Brian Glick , thanks. I like the way that Google responds to our requests. Now, wouldn't it be nice if Community posts showed up like Search Results: Best of or Most recent ? Alternatively, each time a post gets a comment, it should be boosted to the top of the Community stream. This way, good posts don't get buried as they do now.
Much appreciated Brian. Looking forward to the other changes too that are coming! ;)
Thanks for the suggestion, Daniel. I know what you mean. Noted.
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