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Search for members in your community

Hey guys - today, we’re rolling out a frequently-requested feature: the ability to search for members in your community. This will make it easier to manage a growing member list, especially if you’re moderating a large community.

To try it out, just click on the “View all” link in the members section in your community, then type a name in the search box in the upper right!

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Brilliant.. Brilliant.. Thank you kindly! :)
This is FABULOUS! I was just going to ask the community if there was an easy way of searching the member list. Thank you!!!
can I please click +1 another 3billion times?  please?
+Brian Glick is this view only for managers / owners?

Seems like it might be useful for users to.
Al Alex
That's awesome, is it available for the G+ app? Sorry if I didn't read the paragraph :P
+Robert Wallis No, it's for everyone - but probably most useful for moderators.

+Al Alex Not available at the moment in the mobile apps.
Nice work Brian! Keep these 'requested features rolling out!' 

pssst! Can the next one be the ability to move posts from one category to another? or even a better placed 'about' section, with formatting? or even the ability for moderators to 'pin' posts (2 different pin types would be good - community wide, so always at the top & category specific, so it's only 'pinned' if people look at the category.
This is very good.  But what would make it even better would be the ability to keep the list in order and be able to jump to a spot in the list.  and/or be able to re-sort the list like you can people in your circles (which also needs improvements in sorting IMHO)
+Brian Glick I find a bug in the communities photo albums. Google+ when you comment a photo album creates a new post "Photo-Public", if you share an album with your community and a person comments or +1 a photo, all people who follow you and not be in your community can see the photo in his MainStream. 
Ok, you did the update of not show the posts in your profile and is a good update, but with that bug isnt a complete update.
If i do a erotic album in a community and a person comment one of them, my mother, my boss, my family can see the photo in their MainStream. Not a good thing :_(
+Daniel Mencia Hurtado are you sure private community photo does become public? I'm a member of a couple of private communities and haven't seen this happen. tho, it does sound a bit like the issue with pics in general that get thrust back into the stream if people plus/comment on them. I'm pretty damn sure that the photo privacy settings remain fixed though! certainly had no reports of what you mention from my communities.
try view your profile as public, and as friend/family that isn't a member of those communities.
No, no. Private community no. Public community. The problem is : "like the issue with pics in general that get thrust back into the stream if people plus/comment on them" like you say. If i view my profile as public i dont see those comment photos in a individual post (Photo-Public). 
For me is a bug because the problem is only with the photo album, if i do a photo post in a public community the people who follow me dont see it in their MainStream.
My solution is dont post Photo Album that i want my followers see. But is a bad thing :_(
+Daniel Mencia Hurtado you should maybe start a seperate thread to discuss this bug as it's a little off-topic for this post. Also, I don't see this happening at all in any of my 'private' communities, and I'm in a few with 100+ members posting private albums. I kinda suspect that as they appear in your mainstream you think they are appearing to those viewing your stream - this is not the case, I looked at your stream and don't even see any posts for the last few months.
You can choose to see what your profile looks like to different members of your circle, try have a look as someone in your circles who isn't a member of the private community in question. 
+Rupert Wood the community is public. For me is a bug for other people maybe no. If my followers cant see my community posts if they arent in my cummunity, i think if the same thing with the photos of an album. The problem is that if people plus/comment on a photo of an album, it creates a new post Photo-Public with a single photo. But this post must be of the community and category and not Photo-Public. Those individual post of photos compare in the MainStream of your followers, but not in the community. Sometimes i get +1 of people that not be in my community because that problem. 
I will start a seperate thread to discuss this problem.
I just used it now to promote a couple of members to moderators. Thanks for implementing this guys, it's a very useful feature indeed :)
Maybe I'm just missing it, but I do not see a View All link in the Members section of our Photoshop and Lightroom Users community. Where is that please? This is a public community that requires moderator approval to join, if that matters for this issue. I'm the founder and one of the moderators of this community.
+Jan Kabili open your browser window to full, or you may have to scroll right. The 'view all' appears when you mouse over the list of members in the right column, tho if your browser is below the minimum width, this may appear off the side of the screen meaning you have to scroll right...
Jan - I meant the "Members section" box that appears in the upper-right corner of your community.
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