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Add links in your community’s “About” section

Are there other pages that you want your community members to check out? Today we're rolling out the ability to link to other communities, documents, websites, or whatever you'd like in your "About" section.

To get started, just click “Edit community” under the “Actions” menu, and click to “Add” a link. Then just type in a name for the link, and paste in the link’s URL. Let us know what you think!

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Great. Any hints about when the "About" section will allow text formatting (italics, etc.) like the rest of G+?
Nice feature. You G+ developers sure stay busy. 
Well, I can't seem to find the option to add a link. In the about section, I can add text, but if I past a link, nothing special happens and it isn't clickable. I don't see an add link button... Could it be that it takes some time to roll out to everybody?
Does this count against our 3,000 character limit?  I have used every single character. 
Bart - yeah, it'll take some time today to roll out to everyone. 
So, only owners can make this change?
Great feature. I've been wanting to include a link or two since my community started.
Waiting. Waiting. Roll out rollout. 
Got it!  Must be the creator. Doh!  Pokes Creator Impatiently.
+Evo Terra check again in a few, my profile just got the update.  I have ability to edit now.
+Lynne Hand +Evo Terra +Victor Foulk it is not an owner/creator only feature. These things take some time to rollout to the millions upon millions of Google+ users, so be patient.

I am not the owner of any of the communities that I moderate and I'm able to add the links as of a few minutes ago.
+Brian Glick are there plans to enable this for all moderators? That would make sense, since they can now edit the about section already...
+Bart Crijns please see my comment immediately prior to your own. It is enabled for all moderators. Just be patient and wait for the rollout to complete.
And great to see the local timezone conversion working on events and hangouts again! Thanks for fixing that +Brian Glick 
Is there any way to have Community related Events repeat automatically? 
For those wondering, you get up to 10 links. I've already tried it. ;)
+Brian Glick thanks for the update.

I assume the Google+ mobile apps will be updated soon to reflect these updates - I've added a few links but don't see them there yet. They would be more useful on mobile apps for the community I help moderate.
This is great, a feature I have wanted but never mentioned. 
It took me only one F5 to get this feature. Neat!
Panayiotis - could you take a screenshot and share with me?

Jason - feedback noted - thanks.
Waiting to roll out in Italy... :) ... and thanks for adding this really expected feature. We will use it in our "Android ITA" community to link the post containing community rules.
what a great addition +Brian Glick! now all we need is to have a community drive, but that button should be at the top next to the little bell for easy access. #feedback  
I'll be implementing this in several communities! Thanks Google community team!
Great - especially to have a place for your imprint (Impressum), that german folks should implement within their communities afaik. Thanks a lot for that feature!

Is there any way to change the order of the links (or even better all of the content) in the sidebar, +Brian Glick?
Grandioso, espero sigan añadiendo mejoras. Son de mucha utilidad las comunidades :)
+Brian Glick This is one of my favorite new features!  Wait a minute.  This IS my favorite new feature. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
+Stephan Kockmann Thanks! You can change the order by putting the links / titles in the order you want. (You can't drag to re-arrange them once they're saved, but you can copy/paste the details into other slots.)
+Brian Glick all people know that the first update in communities must be the option "Change category" for moderators. I think the second most important update: if every member can show/hide every category of a community is like a dream. Now if you are in a community you must read all categories or only one category. Please, you can do the dream becomes real :D
Thanks for sharing your dream, Daniel. :)
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