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Moderators' posts (and comments) now labelled in communities

It can sometimes be a little hard to spot the moderators that help keep communities up, running, and healthy. So, today we're happy to introduce a new label on moderators' posts and comments that identifies their important role.

It'll roll out today on the desktop version of the site when viewing a community's stream. Hope you enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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What a terrific way to recognize the people who spend a lot of time making things work for the rest of us!  Thank you Google!
Are the community invite cards in home stream and section in Communities new too +Brian Glick or have I never seen them owing to the speed I decline the invites?
Thanks! Does it also single out the Owner? Or would it just say moderator? 
+John Elstone The community invite cards is there since a looong time. About the section in Communities, I’m not sure, but I think it’s there since some time too.

+Zachary Toliver Yes, I want the same feature for the Owner!
Sean S
Wished it was implemented differently (star inside profile picture thumbnail and a label or a star in the hover card) but still a great update.  Thanks for this feature.
Sean S
+DeAno Jackson 
I saw that.  I deleted the comment a few seconds after I posted it when I went back to read all the comments.
+Sean S Thanks. We explored that - the star didn't seem visible enough.
+Brian Glick - Not sure I actually want to draw extra attention to my posts in the community I set up. Sure, I moderate...but when it comes to posting, I am just another member with an opinion. Is it really the best thing for me to draw extra attention to my posts just because I am the community owner?

Maybe make this an optional setting for community owners?
Sean S
+Steve Jaszczak makes a good point.  I think it's good to let community members know that we are a moderator but not draw too much attention to it. 
+Brian Glick  , have you guys considered creating a moderator (and owner) icon to place next to an moderator's name rather than having it spelled out.   When a user hovers over the icon, a small box would appear that says "moderator" (the same way when you hover over a verified badge and and box appers that says "Verified name").  This would also make that area of the post look cleaner and not cluttered with text. 
That's great +Brian Glick. I hope next on the list is something to curtail the onslaught of community invites from people that I don't have circled. I can't limited notifications to just my circles because it interferes with the science outreach that I do. I know you guys are working hard on making G+ even better. Thanks for your effort.
Awesome addition, you guys rock!

There is one slight change I would like to see, and I've already sent feedback in for it. To put it simply, I would love to see an option to change my "Owner" flair to "Moderator". While I'm the owner in terms of being the highest ranking moderator, for day-to-day usage I'm simply another moderator. We work mostly as a team (and with 10k+ users you have to!), so it would be nice to share the stage instead of owning it :)

I'm also excited to see what other flair options might come our way in the future. Reddit, for example, allows moderators to create flair templates that users can either self-assign, or be manually assigned by the moderators. This is great for communities where official product reps chime in, or for singling out top contributors.
I'm in agreement with +Sean S +Steve Jaszczak and +Craig Tumblison  - the indication is good, but it's TOO intrusive. The star overlay on the avatar, and an indication in the hovercard is QUITE sufficient.

When I'm posting, I'm just a participant in the community.

When I moderate, I use the <moderator>keep it on topic</moderator> type communication standard. That has worked quite well.

Good idea, just turn it down a notch, please.
This feature would be WAY better as a toggle. I don't want all my community posts advertising that I'm a mod. Just mod related posts only please.
This takes me back a few decades to the 1980s just prior to the internet when Bulletin Board systems prevailed. It was expensive them to log onto a system and I managed to find one local. I teamed up with the System Operator and became one of the ASysOps.  One thing I learned from that experience, while in that mode you must be careful as  you can make or break your own system in just the way you interact.  I feel that experience can  help me in today's internet communities. What do you think?  Anyone have similar experiences?
Aaaaand vent mode on!

Why does every "fix" involve making an ass ton of BS work for me? I'm not creating a company page just so I can toggle my mod status! I'm still dealing with the stupid ass +1 feature and trying to contain that whole mess. He asked what I thought and I gave my answer. I'm really getting sick of having to use work arounds to make this place work the way I want it to.
Don't get me wrong, this is a good feature, but...I'm not saying I have a good answer for a visual (maybe someone lots more clever than I can fill in that one), but wouldn't an icon save a whole lot of page space, kind of like the checkmark for a verified identity?  It would also save you folks i18n time, as I don't know what "moderator" would be in whatever languages you folks want to support natively, but it would be yet one more thing which has to be kept track of for i18n.
Sean S
+Joe Philipps , see my comment above.  I suggested the exact same thing you did :)
It won't save page space but it would create a cleaner look.
+Sean S , oh, yeah... would you look at that? page space, as in instead of "moderator," it would only take up the same space as a character or two, leaving the freed space for more things, perhaps future things.

I'd say for those who would rather not have extra visuals, whether it is an icon or a word, it could be as subtle as rendering the person's/Page's name in a different color, but OTOH that'd be an issue for someone with color blindness.
Thanks,its an advancement to Google's Community's wise wisdom,more coming,since there no end to wisdom,its one of our Divine gift,73s. 
Good feature, but I think it looks a little... ugly, or too simplistic, probably because of it's position, the color or the font, IMO It would look better and more polished if it was an sign, like the shield used on some profiles and pages, but instead, a star or something and a balloon when hovering, maybe with some basic info...
Thanks for the update +Brian Glick . However, I am not so sure if I really like it or not. Normally, I consider myself as "just another member" of my community and post as such. I have a feeling that this new feature will convey too much of a "authority feeling" to my community members. Should the need occur to make my authority clear, I would do so in a private message or - if everything fails - in a post.
On the other hand, I am well aware that the moderators' work cannot be appreciated enough and should be recognized in one way or another.... Sadly, I don't have a universal answer to that "dilemma"...
This is something which should be an option for those who want to get labelled in this way.
+Brian Glick thanks for the update and thanks too for listening to feedback.  I have mixed feelings about this. I would use the analogy of a business conference where I might introduce myself with my full title and credentials but I wouldn’t be comfortable if every time I made a comment for the remainder of the conference my title is repeated. Similarly I am the owner of my community, this information is on the side panel but I think it’s a bit intimidating for users to get a reminder every time I comment and looks like I am trying to lord it over everybody. 
What if it became part of the hovercard? That would be less in your face.
The creation of the "hovercards" are not related to the communities. Making changes to it is probably not wise. Also, only showing Owner/Moderator on the hovercard will not have the same purpose as showing it after the names.
I say, keep the hovercards clean.
I think it would be useful if an owner/moderator could post with this tag when they are posting in some official capacity.  Otherwise, it just needlessly calls attention to them.  I've already had people ask me why someone else was labelled moderator in one of my communities and they weren't -- while they could find out before looking at the member's list, it wasn't in their face.
Unrelated to this announcement but it'd be nice to moderate posts when linking to them directly and also from the notifications list. Currently I have to view the post directly in the community to remove it or ban users.
In regards to labels for community owners and moderators, it would help if we could make moderators have an option to not have their moderator status displayed.  This way I could moderate a community from my personal account for my business clients without there being a public association. 

An example being that if a company starts a community and makes me a moderator I can moderate from my G+ account.  If I have the moderator tag then I don't want to be posting, +1, or commenting on the community because it will instantly associate me with the company that owns the community.  Not always something I want to do for a number of reasons.
Perhaps you ought to give us an option of not showing it. Personally, I detest it, as mentioned elsewhere, I would've preferred to keep a low profile while still doing the work. Some of us like not shouting out titles!
I can assign more people to a page +Azlin Bloor
As the page acts as moderator, they can do that 'as page'.

+Brian Glick slightly OT but what if a community seems to have been set up and is not admin'd or moderated by anyone? what recourse do members of the community have if there is no one listening or responding to posts about behaviour in the community? Specifically in this case members posting copyrighted images and when this is pointed out just deleting comments and not caring. Unless you are the copyright holder you can't file a DMCA against the poster, but one community I am in with more than 100,000 members, more than 2/3 of all posts are content not created by the posters and it is frustrating that no one is addressing this. 
Essentially the poster is responsible for his posts.
Even in a community. The lack of 'maintenance' by owner/moderator doesn't really matter. I don't know if Google has any thoughts on that, but I think you can ask that in the community: Google+ Discuss (as it is the default place to ask anything about G+) 
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