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More communities features are live!

Okay, some more #communities features just rolled out:

1) Hover over the left hand side communities icon to get one-click access to your top communities (previously mentioned)
2) Some top posts from your communities will now appear in your Home stream! (We know some people were asking for this one.)
3) Been invited to a community? You'll see them on the right hand side column of Home.
3) Looking for some new communities? You'll now occasionally see some suggestions on the right hand side column of Home, too.

What else do you want to see? We've got long lists of feedback already to pour over, but we're always looking for more!
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I want to be able to add communities to a circle (or a "meta community") so I can group the near-duplicate communities together and follow (and post to) them all at once instead of having to bounce between them individually.
Please add a way to subscribe to community red notifications without the email.
Having the notification box not reset for all categories when you only click in one sub-category.
Hi +Brian Glick Thanks for the work. As a feedback, I would like to be able which communities appear in my Stream, or at least have a volume slide for communities, like the one for What is hot. =)
Sean S
1.) Sort options
When searching for communities, be able to sort by most active,      
most members, etc.  Also, filter to show only public communities
or only private communities.

2.) Display number of members in private communities
When searching for communities, display the number of members  
a private community has.  This make it easier to decide which community to join. I'm more likely to join a community that has more members.  

3.) Separate home stream for communities
Having posts from communities floods the home stream.  There should be a separate stream for communities.  In this stream, users would be see all posts from their communities.  If the user wants to see posts from a certain community, he/she can select the community by clicking on a community name at the top of the stream, similar to how you can select a Circle at the top of the home stream to view posts from a certain Circle.

4.) Display which public community a user belongs to on profile page
Display which public community a user belongs to in his/her profile. The user would have the option to display/hide the community he/she belongs to.
Sean S
+1 button for communities
+Brian Glick Love the Communites but because I love them so much, I now have a major problem - locating them.  

Please please let us re-order them to prioritize them.  Especially since I can't always find my OWN community sometimes in the long list..

It was a necessary feature for circles and now.. for Communities and in just one short day.
It'd be nice to be able to choose having top posts from communities in stream, posts from the encircled in stream, or none in stream. 
Sean S
+Andrew Brown , there's a feedback button at the top of most pages under the gears button.
Sean S
I liked the slider idea at first but I think that a better option would be to have a separate stream just for communities.  Or both could be incorporated.  
+Brian Glick please give communities a volume slider to say how much of them we want on our home streams. Also let us filter by subtopic, because some of them might interest us while others don't.

And please, please, make it that sharing an event to a community (or several related ones) adds it to their Events section, rather than making each different community create their own separate event when it's the same real-world event.
Also, yesterday I shared some mockups which seem to cover all the ideas you guys are proposing here ( If you can take a look, I'd love some feedback on it.
Maybe something to better discern old posts from new ones and subscribe to comments on a post (to get notifications) without having to post a comment to it
I like the suggestion from +Matthias Lewen about being able to subscribe to comments on a post without having to actually comment.

some suggestions:
1.Need slider for communities.
2.change category of the post, by the mods.
Regarding number 2): please give us an option to turn this off! Thanks.
Can I select the communities whose posts will automatically appear in the stream - not just the top posts? There are some communities I want to visit daily and seeing those in stream will make following it easier.
Mouse-over popup for communities list - can that be scrollable? Right now I can see the top communities (which is awesome) but to see others I have to go to the communities tab.
Blocked people's posts showing up in my stream

I see posts in my stream from this Google+ Discuss group "Topics" where I have posted / commented. Don't like it. I have not interacted on those posts in any way and this certainly makes me think twice before engaging in #Communities .

But what I really don't like is seeing posts from people I have blocked for spamming in that community, in my Home stream!
Great thing those Communities. BUT using Chrome on Linux,
Cannot see anything in the Community.

Chrome  and G+ app  on iPad and Nexus 7  - Do not even see communities at all.

So far the only way I can see and use Communities is withg Firefox  How come Google applications cannot see Google services. - not good at all. 
1) Earlier today I reported a bug to Google+ Feedback. You now call the bug I reported a feature, the number 2 feature.
Please give me a way to turn off community posts in my Main stream.
2) Give us a Community stream, where I see all community posts instead. Just like I have for my circles.
3) My Profile Stream is now full of stuff like invites I've sent out, posts to communities etc. It is really hard to go through my own posts due to the amount of other interactions shown there. Can we have a way of filtering what we see in our own Profile Streams?

Some top posts from your communities will now appear in your Home stream! (We know some people were asking for this one.)

I didn't, and I feel inundated with posts, to the extent I am leaving the Communities I've joined. Yes, I like to follow what's happening in the Communities, but I would like to be in control of how much I see in my stream. As others have suggested, please implement a slider function analogous to circles.
Love the idea of communities and see tremendous potential but they could use some optimization. Google is all about letting the users control their experience, so I would like a bit more control over communities as well ;-))

1. please give me one central place to manage all the noise levels
just as it is possible to have one place (hidden in the settings, I know) to set which circles actually get notified by "my circles", I need one central point to manage the noise and notifications for all the circles and communities I have. It's impossible to have to keep looking in each one separately and my mail is going crazy!

2. Let Me decide which community's posts go into my stream, maybe best in the central place mentioned above - then I would have both noise and notification control for circles and communities in one place - hmmmm :-))

3. Let me decide if a post should go into a community and my stream when I post - that solves the redundancy and some of the noise at one go.

4. Let me decide how to order or 'rank' the communities I'm in, just as I can order my circles the way I want to.

5. Let me filter out community invitations in the notification screen, maybe messages from communities as well.

6. Please don't bother me with Top Posts from Communities I really don't need trite messages, cute jokes, or spam in my stream.

And last not least, Thanks for starting something really great here!
+vinay moharil I haven't seen it yet - I can re-share a post from the community to public, but I can't share to both in one step - if you know different, please tell me how you do it?
Many good suggestion already!

1. Let me decide if a post shall go to my profile when I post to a community. Communities are often special interest - and I don't want to share everything with my followers.

2. Sticky Posts at the top of a category (by owner)

3. Share with Circle AND Communities 
+Susanne Ramharter when you are posting like a regular post in addition to selection the "public" circle, I can type in the ban elf the communities that I have joined. I have tried with public and one community. I have not tried a specific circle or multiple communities.

However if you +1 an article on their page e.g. Mashable, then I could not add public and community as part of that posting. 
+Brian Glick I know this is gmail issue not G+ issue but when responding to a post from within gmail on iPhone app, I can't + someone. 
I can only post to either one community or to public/circles not a combination ;-(
+Susanne Ramharter Absolutely, We should be able to post both in a community AND a circle (or all my circles). I can not see any logical reason why it can not be done.
I don't want to see any community’s posts in my normal home stream!
Especially not from people I didn’t even have in my circles!!!
A community owner should be able to change the open\closed mode of their commiunity without having to delete the old community (and losing all its content) and inviting all its members to the new one.
(1) I'm with +Susanne Ramharter and +Boris Yarmakhov on our inability to post both community and public or circles. I don't feel the need for my personal G+ account but along with others, I manage a G+ Page and we as that Page started a community. Problem is, not all our circlers have joined our community (nor should they have to). So, while a post on our public community shows up on our profile page, it isn't getting out to our circlers in their stream who aren't in our community. Geez, I hope the above made any sense!

(2)As for my personal page, I don't like my posts to communities showing up on profile--folks who have circled me may not be interested (some folks above mentioned this) in my communities and the few posts I did, I deleted. The posts looked strangely out of context on my profile. Yes, I realize that posts on a public community are indeed public but we should have an option of whether they show up on our profile or not. Thanks for reading! 
Let last active post move to top of stream in the community feed, so you can see were people are talking right now! 

And in general help us find what is interesting in the communities - I go to a community with 10.000 and I have no way in hell to find the the most interesting material. 
+Mads Gorm Larsen Absolutely.  This is top of my request list and not just in Communities.  If you sit on a Community page you are missing all the new comments further down the page.  If the jumped to the top then you wouldn't miss a thing.  FriendFeed did this so well.
A private Community shall never have the option to be Public by changing a setting +Boris Yarmakhov . People might post things in private community which they don't want to be public and indexed by Google search.
Going from Public to Private could be OK.
In short: No to going from Private to Public.
Sean S
On albums page, there are two albums titled "Profile photos".  One is for my personal profile and the other is for the community profile photos. Rename "Profile photos" to "Community profile photos" or something similar to differentiate it from personal profile photos.
+Hakan Gül A G+ community (like everything in this world)  must be able to have its life-cycle. When I open up a theatre, I first build it, then I design it, rehearse with the actors and only then I open it to general public. When I make a GoogleDoc, I create it, then share it with co-workers, then publish it on the Web if we feel we need to.

When I created a community, I made it closed. I invited my friends, we tested the features, discussed the rules and set the responsibilities. Now we are ready to invite people who we do not yet know and offer them a format which they can accept. We are ready to go public! We are grown up enough to decide if our stuff is confidential or not. Instead we have to delete the community and start all over again… which does not make sense to me. The community must be able to decide if it is in an “open” or “closed” phase and nobody can understand it better than the community members themselves. The thing I like about G+ that it is not only about interfaces. It is about behaviors as well… and I do not want to see it spoilt.
+Boris Yarmakhov , I understand your point of view.
However, due to Privacy issues you can never go from a Private Community to a Public Community.
If there were such a feature, people would not join any private communities.
The only way I can see this happening is if ALL members agree to do it, not just the owners.
+Hakan Gül No offence, I am just trying to figure it out – but is it your own understanding of the situation or is it an official Google position on the Community issue? ;) If it is official could you please drop me a link to an official Google page where it is explained? Then, what is your position on the following.
1. I am the only owner of a closed  community of which I am the only member. I have set it up in the way I like it and now I am ready to invite other people. Whose permission do I have to ask to make it public? There is nobody else there but me.
2. I have created a Google+ private event and invited people (who are sure that it is private) to share photos and they willingly did. Then I decided to make the album public and I just re-published the event in the “For everyone” mode WITHOUT asking any of the photographers or people on the pictures. (You can try it any time, it works on Google+ right now). Is it not violation of the policy which you have just described? Why does not Google care then?
No problem, I'm not offended ;)
It is my own position. Not seen any Google policies on this.
1) In that case, I would say it is OK to change.
2) If that is true, then I think there is something wrong and I would never send photos to such a private event.
+Boris Yarmakhov 
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but I'd like the ability to upload and/or share files other than images and videos. For example, I might create a map of a city, highlighting points of interest with lists of useful addresses and telephone numbers, and upload it as a PDF. Or create a nicely formatted German phrase book in Google Drive and share that directly with the community.
+Andrew Bossom You can share stuff from your Google Drive! Try a search inside Google+ and I'm sure you'll find lots of posts about that.
I know generally how to share from Google Drive. What I'd like to be able to do, very specifically, is to go to my community, click on an icon that says "Attach file", and choose whether to upload from my computer or share from my Google Drive. Basically, exactly how it's currently possible to share and upload photos, but extended to other types of file as well.
+Brian Glick Please give us community moderators a "Don't show on my page" button. 

95% of my followers - spread all over the world and used to English speaking posts - are not amused since I've been moderating a public German community. ( ‘-’ )
Being able to post to Circles and Communities at the same time so re-sharing isn't required and it only appears in profile once!
+Adriana Maramo I lost over 70 people yesterday and I think it's because of me posting to a Finnish Community...  In Finnish.
Awesome to see these updates! And glad to see +deviantART's community made it into the screenshot! ;P
+Susanne Ramharter I was wrong - sorry - I could add the community name but as soon as I add the community and select the category - it forced me select community or circles.
+vinay moharil no problem, sometimes functionality gets rolled out in phases, I was hoping that you were one of the lucky ones!  ;-))
+Brian Glick how about the ability for a Moderator to re-categorize a post (i.e. change from 'General Discussion' to a more relevant/appropriate Category)?
many good suggestions! I have already sent feedback for these, but my top priorities for communities in the (hopefully near) future are: 1) subscribing to single categories, not whole community, for notifications 2) set different privacy levels for different community categories (i know this is a tough one) 3)re-categorization option for moderators like +Ronnie Bincer just said 4) separate stream for my communities, with volume settings for each one of them 

Also, this would be a great time to introduce video and link embedding  into comments. I know people ask for it, do it now while the engagement is high all over the network (now that the communities are new), the result will be exponential
Some top posts from your communities will now appear in your Home stream! (We know some people were asking for this one.)

I don't know who was asking about it, but it very annoying; it brings back noise in main stream which Communities were supposed to diminish. I noticed it and on my posts all the comments were - it's not a good idea.
Ideally, this would be configurable, so one could opt out of viewing inside-communities posts in a Default stream.
It could be done using a Slider to regulate how much of open Community posts are displayed in a Default stream. Google has already done it for Circles, so why not to reuse a good existing interface?
+Brian Glick can't remember if this was submitted before, but the ability to have Category Level Alert Controls would be Awesome!
How to find out in which Communities someone is in?

Guys, am I right that when I look at person's Google Profile I cannot see in which Communities she is participating?
I would make it Opt-out for Public Communities and Opt-in for Private ones. What do you think?
+Brian Glick i have 2 suggestions that have received positive feedback from G+ers.  they may seem detailish or picky but they are important in the sense that they may improve community "tone" / "atmosphere", ie the emotional timbre of communities:

1. Easy: if you start a community, you are identified as the Owner.  This is a geeky inherited term that has had its time & does not work with the very idea of "Community".  It is very easy to change that to Founder.  Even better to treat it as  in my next suggestion...

2. Harder: whereas the role of Moderator can stay the same, the label "Moderator" can be editable.  for example, at foodies+, which is modeled as a bistro, we would prefer to call each of our 4 moderators: "Chef", "Hostess", "Head Waiter",  "Dishwasher".  This way members know who to talk to if they have specific questions.  In a huge science community, for example, Moderators could be called "Astronomy", " Biology", "Chemistry" etc 

thanks for all the all-nighters that you must be putting in this!
2) Some top posts from your communities will now appear in your Home stream! (We know some people were asking for this one.)
This one is really annoying. Can you turn this off? Or make it optional configurable? 
Moderation tools...... Ability to sort community main page into member of and moderator for... Or just allow them to be moved around like circles.

Moderation tools are very important now as posts need to be able to be moved into proper categories or the communities will get very messy and take hours to fix later making them less useful... 
+Brian Glick i don't know if you are still following the comments in the post but there is a bit of a bug in your communities promotion.  at "Home" i just got your pop up "Introducing Communities... Check it out!"  This in spite the fact that i am already in communities, both as owner & member
Doesn't seem to be an easy way to sort within a community for the posts with the highest +1 counts. 
I joined community that has lots of fans and is pretty active, I want to have quick access to it (not always search for it), but I don't want any of their post on my home stream.  So where is the options to shut this "2) Some top posts from your communities will now appear in your Home stream!" feature off??? Pleas!
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