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Wow - amazing April Fools game from the Google Maps team. Catch 150 Pokémon scattered around the world.

Tip: Looks like there's a ton around Google HQ in Mountain View. (Don't forget YouTube HQ either.)

Just found the promo video too:
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My son went nuts over the video.
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Brian Glick

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"A power outage caused by a squirrel threw a wrench in Caltrain’s dispatching network Wednesday morning"

+Dave Besbris, thought you might appreciate that a squirrel extended my (and others') commute(s) by an hour this morning.
Caltrain was one of several Bay Area rail transit systems plagued by system delays Wednesday morning.
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Squirrels are evil
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Brian Glick

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Really fun new app from former Google+ PM +Chrys Bader.

Been using it - it's super entertaining (and cathartic) being able to share and read without a pesky identity!
Psst. We have a Secret to share. We built a place for you to speak freely with your friends.

Download it from the App Store:
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+Brian Glick Not your fault ;)
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Brian Glick

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Ice-covered tree (Ontario, Canada)

Another shot after the ice storm. Things look much nicer now that the sun's out.
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+Ole Olson Don't make me miss Phoenix more than I already am here in Denver...
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Brian Glick

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Just cancelled my Comcast service. This feels like an accomplishment.

The air feels a little cleaner, the sun a little brighter. They can't hurt me anymore. Today is a good day.
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+Edgar Brown Boiling a frog!
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Brian Glick

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Awesome "how to be a great product manager" tips from +Todd Jackson.
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In addition to my previous comment, I gotta say, this article has validated a lot of questions that I had about the PM role. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who operates this way, and that it's an important part of the process. :-)
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The name shown in Android's Contacts app icon is "Lauren Ipsum." Clever.
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I suspect this was the mock... and nobody came up with a better idea.
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Brian Glick

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Woo hoo - congrats to +Jay Goldman on making the NYT bestseller list! (Case studies from Google Inc. in the book, too.)
Wow! The Decoded Company made the New York Times best seller list on its first week! More about the book at
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Brian Glick

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Ice-covered tree (Ontario, Canada)

A shot after the recent ice storm. Things look much nicer now that the sun's out.
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So many of these in my neck of the woods today. Beautiful! 
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Here's a photo I took this morning, in the heart of the Ontario ice storm.

Our electricity is out for the next 24-36 hours. Please send power and internet.
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WOW :)
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