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Any recommendations for portable speakers?

I'm looking for a small set, preferably battery-powered (ideally rechargeable) that don't weigh a ton or sound like complete crap. Basically something I could throw in a suitcase with my ipod for a short trip. Please let me know if you're recommending speakers that you've actually listened to or that you just heard from a friend were "pretty awesome".
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I'm curious about this as well. Commenting to see what others suggest.
I have the Jambox and have been very happy. It is small, battery-powered (recharchable), bluetooth-enabled, weighs little and sounds very good. It is a little pricy though. I haven't used it as a speakerphone.
iHome makes a great pair of external speakers. They are battery powered, uses the usb to charge, and the second generation versions let you charge while playing.

They have magnetic bases, and open up to give you a sub-woofer effect.
I cannot read the product name, but let me shoot a pic and see if Googles recognizes them. If nopt, I will upload the pic. brb
Thanks for the great suggestions everyone! +Rasmus Lerdorf facepalm I have a Tivoli PAL that I use around the house--I think that would work great. +Steve Pirk, I also have a pair of iHome speakers that I just dug out of storage, and they're probably a bit tinnier/smaller than I'm looking for. +Jeff Huber The SoundBlade looks quite thin--how thick is it?
Was just at a party in Venice where a jambox was rocking.... It was uber impressive 
Thanks +James Polley, those are the ones, and I agree, they are great for travelling or sitting at my desk.
Interesting note on the iHome speakers: my set (an older set, about 2-3 years old) sound like crap when they're charging over USB. Once they're charged and you pull them from USB, they sound a lot better. Wild.
I've heard the Jambox and thought the audio was impressive for its size. I can't speak to the speakerphone quality, though.
+Brian "Fitz" Fitzpatrick, those are the first generation versions. The ones +James Polley and I linked to are second generation. They play beautifully while charging and sound even better than the first generation ones do. Definitely fills a hotel room, and only $49.
I have these portable speakers I got as a gift from a friend at oracle called the chill pill. I think they've renamed them tweakers? I've seen them in skymall. But I love them and they sound great. Usb charged, all the cords retract and they fit in the palm of your hand. Had them for 2 years now and still hold a charge. 
Cant beat the jbl soundstage series. Not sure if they make a rechargable version, but the power*quality for the size is great.
As far as I understand it the jam box and foxl have very similar innards, however the foxl is a superior speaker phone, mic pickup and noise cancelations are much better than the jam box, however I prefer the jambox's aesthetic.
G Ragib
Jawbone Jambox. I use one all the time. Perfect for voice/talk, e.g., podcasts and audiobooks.
The Altec InMotion sounds good and does Bluetooth. It can, however sometimes get confused if it sees multiple paired blutooth devices in rang simultaneously.
How much battery life do you get out of the iHome iHM79, James and Steve?
Ben Huh
Just got the Jawbone Jambox. I'd +1 it.
I am ipod compatible, but disturbingly heavy...
And why aren't you soldering some portable speakers into Altoids tins like all the other cool kids?
I got one of those little Altoids tin headphone preamps from a dude on the Etsy and it sounds fantastic. Totally unrelated. Just FYI. Don't judge a preamp by its cover.
+Jon Janego, if you plug the newer ones into a usb port while playing, they last 24/7. On batteries alone, I believe I can get around 6 hours of play time.
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