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This is possibly the most epic troll ever. Turkish FA bans flares in stadium. Fan response:

''Problem?'' (Eskisehirspor from Turkey)
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Lily L
Haha, this is trolling at an epic level, but was that really safe?
One cannot be concerned with safety when planning a troll of epic proportions.
I was afraid the whole thing might catch fire...
ur not related to Colin Fitzpatrick, r u?
The sheer lunatic danger of it all aside, I'd love to know how they got that thing into the stadium. LOL
Jon Dye
This is basically the Turkish version of fat guys painting their chests.
but it was really cool to see this in action
that is 4 and half minutes of my life I can never get back. What a perfect example of third world mentality.
On the website it clarifies, they have chosen special cloth that does not burn. There was a ban on the flares and they sneaked them in with the Troll face.
Ridiculous. This is just stupid.
when you said "most epic troll ever" i did NOT expect this.
No No
thats a meme thing! its hallarious! search "meme" and you'll find it!
I blew my dragged muffins. but it wasn't as fun as this face
Epic. I love that everywhere there is protest, the signs are always in English. NO PROBLEM.?
A drawing of Freddie Mercury pose would have been much more epic.
I go to google+ cuz ov de latness in da different coontry an dis is hot?
its people power at its best. feck the muthas who tell us what we can and can't do
Lolz... they seems to be fanatic with the troll

Did you notice that not so many from the VIP rows were waving?
How can they be SO drunk and still be SO organized. Truly incredible!
i dont think thouse guys there understand what that means
This is the most epic thing I've ever seen!!!!!
+Daniel Trumm ; it doesn't say "no problem". If you watch carefully it is "problem?" which is Turkish. (and yes spelling is same in English ) 
would've laughed harder (somewhat) if this backfired on them. Problem?
That makes me so fucking pissed. Most of the idiots nowadays use memes as if they knew where they even came from and it's retarded. Just because of that stupid stunt, I now support that ban. If you honestly think using such cancerous "trolling attempts" are funny, you seriously need to go and learn about the filthy cesspools they originated from, then visit them. Afterward, tell me if you still want to associate with that crap. Most of you probably don't even know what a "troll" is, much less able to spot one.

I apologize for the negative comment, but I hate it when people use memes as if they knew what they really meant. That's like telling everyone an inside joke and completely ruining its credibility. This is all thanks to websites like +9GAG, the main reason why the entire internet and mainstream culture is polluted with idiotic posts like "U MAD U MAD?!?!11?1one!1" and "cool story bro XDDDD."

I swear to God, I will punch anyone who says crap like that to my face.


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hiiiiiiiiiiiiii dear........hw r u........????????
For the idiots: face picture is that of anonymous. So lighting flares is banned and the fans still light them anonymously so they won't get caught. Also, the picture is the same one the hacking group named anonymous uses and the word ” problem” is a not so veiled threat to the organization that banned the flares in the first place.
+Michael Abraham , that is not the face of Anonymous. The mask used in "V for Vendetta" is the face of Anonymous.
Of such things are stadium disasters made.
+David Greene So, your response to being upset about misused or overused memes is to threaten to physically assault someone that uses them in your presence?
Dude... you're letting yourself be trolled. Physical assault is an inappropriate response to someone using their Freedom of Speech.
I'm aware of that, +Michael Edwards. Physical violence is an inappropriate response in almost any situation, but that won't stop me from knocking out whatever imbecile is stupid enough to say such memes outside the internet. I'm usually a very tolerant person, but I have a sensitivity for this issue. Perhaps it's because I've been a [RULES 1 & 2] for years now? Whatever the case, it's still a big issue for me.
um. who made you king of the internet?

thank you master, for being tolerant. what WOULD we do without your input? the same thing we would do with it. nothing. go rub one out.
@jimmy, no not you. i was talking to @david green. sorry, - i'm not used to g+ yet. it works a bit differently than i realized. i'll make it clear from now on.
@greene, you are an idiot. the internet is a consists of millions of people that are not required to follow your rules, or anyone else's. if you are trying to say you are anon, or 4chan, you certainly don't act lke it.

if you are an ex-anon black hat, not your business, you opted out - if you need rules, go sign up with the military. if you hate what is said here, go somewhere else.

i have so many stalkers, you are welcom to join up! i'm awesome. i lie, i tell the truth, i say things to piss my stalkers off. i do stupid things, but i spread it all over the internet, i have no desire to hide a thing. i don't know anyone that will see anything, strangers mean nothing to me.

i'd say one, maybe two, of my followers is are real. the rest are probably from one stalker. never mind, i still get my opinion written down FOR MYSELF or real life human friends. i don't post things thinking i'm gonna change a damn thing in my world. i usually vent. for myself, not you.
Michael edwards why do you care? i wasn't speaking to you. are all of you in my stalker list? you bore me. so long.