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Pay attention people, this is the way to do an ad that people want to watch. I actually laughed out loud (ok, ok, I'm still giggling a bit as I type this).
Serious drama, that's what. In the best stunt I've ever seen for, well, just about anything, a Belgian TV channel staged this awesome prank, which literally left bystanders agape in astonishment.
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Drama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect
I LUV IT!!!! Good thing someone in the audience didn't have a gun though!!!
GENIUS... i died when the guy lost his shirt for the fight
Love the distractions, especially the chick in a red bikini riding through on a motorcycle.
I love a good dose of TNT's Drama. lol
Correction: this was the way. What's brilliant about viral advertising (and what most people don't get) is that every recipe can only work once.
Yea this was too hilarious! TNT.. Thanks. =}
That's a great way to advertise!
Did you see their faces?
there is only way to make people interested
Great! But why are all the signs in English? K. Boraas
watched it so many times.......loved ad ever......
Ibe 1K
beast button
Leo T
Stupid AF.
been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.
As an engineer, I'm well trained. If it's not !@#$ing broken, don't touch it...
Ladies and Gents the first ever Myth busted without mythbusters. What we learn? Things go crazy when you push a button you know nothing about.
Im still gigglin over that one. it takes a lot to make me laugh that hard. It took a lot of practice to pull that one off for sure. But when things are dull then somebody has to spice life up lol
Marketing for the future. Marketing that actually impresses people.
Excellent! This, folks, is why I Google+
Wow...that was pretty rediculous.
saw it and couldnt help laughing...
Bloody Zabardast!!!! :D hahahahahahahaha!!!!
smart idea executed well.
the look on the kids face.... lol
The football players and the girl on the motorcycle were the icing on the cake. Great video!
Loved it! So I shared it with my circles, my fbook family & my twitter friends. Thanks for this post.
That was funny, I would of gotten involved in the action hahha what a mess man.
that really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cool. . . . .really cool.
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