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Well played, Google Groups. Well played.
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Oh this is the best! Can you open translate to figure it out?
I once got a calculus equation. Some integral or something. :-)
Am I the only one that think Captchas are unnecessarily difficult to deal with. Some use caps, others don't. Plenty are so vague I can't make it out what's written in the first place.

I never came across any Greek captchas though. That looks very cool.
κλιμακτης, piece of cake... for me at least :P 
Maybe they know what languages you know?
On a side, there are some websites that don't use capthchas, and instead used an image of text (that isn't all weird and frustrating to read).
Any ideas if people would have sufficient reason to be bothered writing a program to scan a website's images for text? Because as far as I can see, most capthchas are used to prevent non-human posts, posts aren't really a good enough reason (as far as I can see) for wanting to create a program that complicated.
Also scanning images for text can take quite a long time, so you're reducing the time they can take to "hit" each site anyway.
Captchas have been getting progressively more difficult to read. I often fail at them the first or second time nowadays.
Jenny G
This is awesome!
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