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I'm resurrecting my blogs from the past  before creating more content.Please comment and advise.

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I'm fed up..........

fed up with offers of earning six figure incomes from posing in front of rented cars, rented houses and rented lifestyles.

fed up of undisclosed incomes relating to the above

fed up with people not realising there are real opportunities out there to earn some decent money, without breaking into your savings and not having to give up the day job either.

Make the beginning of 2014 be the beginning of the new you, make your plans or even your dreams a reality, however grand.

I am willing to mentor, free of charge 20 people who would like to work for themselves or have a little extra cash to :

Have a decent holiday

Tax the car

Pay a bill

Treat the kids

or anything your heart desires.

Like my page here      , friend me, call me, message me....I'm offering free help

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The 'smart bra' that could give your diet a boost: Underwear will measure wearer's mood to help prevent over-eating

Thanks for adding me back Emily

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This blog from me is courtesy of Big Al, thank you.

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I liked this
Morning all :)

Today... I'm taking a day off.  A day off from seeing and joining dots :)

shock horror (!)

I suspect that I may be the only person taking this Monday off - true?

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I've made mine, your turn
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