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Focusing on steps involved rather than goals. This leads to better and more consistent results. Psychologists have found committing to a process keeps us motivated and happier. Focus on what you’re doing, not what you’re trying to achieve.
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Brian E. Young

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"In an interview with Bloomberg, CEO Travis Kalanick revealed that the company is preparing to add self-driving cars to its fleet of active drivers in Pittsburgh as soon as this month."

"The company will deploy around 100 modified Volvo XC90s outfitted with self-driving equipment. Each vehicle will be staffed by one engineer, who can take the wheel as/when needed, and a co-pilot to observe and take notes. There will also be a “liquid-cooled” computer sitting in the trunk recording trip and map data."

"That will mean that regular Uber punters in the city have a chance of getting an autonomous vehicle for their ride — their trip will be free if so."

Are you ready for this?
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I wonder how the cabbies will protest these.
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Brian E. Young

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Anyone reminded of the second season of Mozart in the Jungle?
New reports from Brazilian officials indicate that Ryan Lochte made up a story about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio. One police official, who spoke to the AP under the condition of anonymity, said…
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I read this, him and the other two who are still in Brazil
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Brian E. Young

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"Defaults can also reflect a legacy of attitudes we’re not proud of. The default skin color, in things like “flesh-colored” band-aids and crayons, was long a light tan or peachy color — hardly a reflection of the diversity of human skin tones. More recently, the default images for emoji icons depicting humans had light skin tones, and only recently have other tones been available. The default is a cartoonish yellow (which is still controversial), but some smartphones now at least give people the option to pick their own default from a more diverse selection of colors."
The many ways we act by default (without even knowing it).
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Brian E. Young

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Thankful that my fave vending machine snack – Peanut M&Ms – made the good list
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Brian E. Young

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"The trio of DC universe films we’ve seen so far have come across more like challenges to their source material — and at times have seemed intentionally disrespectful."
Problem number one: a lack of respect for their source material.
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Brian E. Young

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Sounds like an Onion article. It is not.
Meanwhile, David Ayer tweets that he’d rather die standing than live on his knees.
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Brian E. Young

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"People who like to use their brains aren't necessarily smarter than those who don't. But they are a lot more comfortable being still with their thoughts."
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Brian E. Young

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Do any of you have these tendencies?

“Intelligent People Tend To Be Messy”
“Intelligent People Tend To Talk To Themselves”
“Intelligent People Tend To Swear More”
“Intelligent People Tend To Stay Awake Longer"
Scientists have cracked the code and showed that some of your so-called "bad habits" might actually be signs that you are an intelligent person.
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I knew this but I must be in between, I'm not messy and sure not in to swearing whole lot
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Brian E. Young

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I've heard so many anecdotal stories. It's a start that research is confirming how frequent violence is happening. Cultural attitudes aren't harmless.

"Nearly 1 in 5 who had gone out with someone in the past year said their date had hit them, slammed them against a wall, or committed some other form of physical violence. That was more than twice what straight kids reported."
The research also found gay teens were far more likely to have attempted suicide, taken illegal drugs and engaged in other risky behaviors.
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Brian E. Young

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"Some outlets, such as New York City-based blog Gothamist initially mocked what was framed as a mortifying omission on Giuliani's part but later walked back the assessment after a video of the former mayor's complete remarks emerged, noting that "it appears Rudy is specifically referring to the eight years after Bush signed the Patriot Act" (on 26 October 2001)."
A truncated clip of remarks made by Rudy Giuliani suggested he didn't recall 9/11, but he discussed the attack at length immediately prior to those remarks.
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Spread the news and God bless Snopes.
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Brian E. Young

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President Obama has told young African leaders that homophobia comes from the same mindset as racism, and that they should be more accepting of gay people.
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True. I can't stand minorities torturing other minorities when only "they" want respect. 
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