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This story left me with this question: Why would Hollywood or even the US have ownership of Visual Effect work?

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"More than the condition of your phone, the brand matters. Daters are irritatingly loyal to their chosen companies. Android users were 15 times as likely to look down upon you for having an iPhone. While iPhone users were 21 times as likely to judge you poorly for using an Android."

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In love with this interview with Tiffany Dufu.

"It's important to forgive ourselves for those assumptions. Because we really we indoctrinated into them" Tiffany Dufu

Really sit there and examine what you expect. What does a good person do? A good man? A good son or daughter? Write it down and then ask yourself... How do you know? Where did that come from? The decisions that you think are our decisions often never were our own at all.

Look at what "dropping the ball" really mean to your life, for yourself and others. The story of habits of thought and ideas that in our heads are "mistakes" and "failures".

Take time to listen to Tiffany's story and her thoughts on choosing rather than defaulting. <3

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'Every single president, all the way back to George Washington, has issued executive orders. The president who issued the most executive orders was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with a grand total of 3,522. In a distant second place, Woodrow Wilson issued 1,803. More recently, Ronald Reagan issued 381 executive orders, George H.W. Bush issued 166, Bill Clinton issued 308, George W. Bush had 291, and Barack Obama issued 276. So far, as of February 3, 2017, anyway, President Trump has issued eight.'

'Some of the more famous historical executive orders include one issued by President Lincoln on Jan. 1, 1863, titled “Emancipation Proclamation” which was later codified as the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, abolishing slavery. '

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Turns out that viral sharing is over rated. Tacking memes, analytics show that they stay within small circles until famous hit makers and influences get involved.

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"The only thing that matters in life is intelligence*, so the ex-boyfriend is obviously a better life partner than your current kind and loving boyfriend. When you dump the new boyfriend you should make sure he knows how inferior he is. Perhaps explain how dumb he is slowly with really small words so he can follow. Pictures help children read books, so you might include some pictures with your explanation."

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Net Neutrality means that your Internet provider treats content equally. “Open Internet”: We’re connected regardless of what network you’re using.

The internet is like a highway where no priority is set based on data type, source, or content.

Soon, Verizon and Comcast may have a say they on love your favorite (or least favorite) content provider[’s money]. Not encouraging for small business, independent contractors, telecommuters, and startups.

The FCC’s Open Internet Order – adopted in February 2015 – prevented this from happening. At the time our newly appointed FCC chairman Ajit Pat wrote a 67-page paper objecting to those limits placed on service providers.

In most markets, there’s little competition for broadband. Many providers are also content companies who will soon be enabled to directly prioritize their own content.

Be prepared to live with whatever form internet access takes in the United States going forward.

"In the space of two years, Verizon's acquired AOL and Yahoo. Both companies deliver content that could compete with websites, media companies, and cable networks that remain unaffiliated with broadband companies." Lance Ulanoff

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"In every way that can be measured, T-Mobile’s network is just as good as Verizon."

"The speed and coverage you get will be the best you can buy, but T-Mobile’s single plan offers quasi-unlimited everything for $70 per month, with additional lines costing far less."

The T-Mobile store at The Gallery downtown Baltimore has the friendliest and most helpful staff I've ever seen at a phone store.

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"Incivility is nothing new in American politics. The classic extreme example came in 1856, when South Carolina Rep. Preston Brooks beat anti-slavery Sen. Charles Sumner of Massachusetts with a cane on the Senate floor."
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