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Brian E. Young

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Are you contributing to the levels of gratitude at your workplace? Or are you a team member who is enabling a company culture of entitlement? Harvard Business Review has some powerful ideas on how we each can act to reshape the level of office happiness. Even if you're not a manager or CEO, you can still see yourself as a thought leader and influential employee. =)
“Thank you” is only the start. You have to make employees feel appreciated in order to get their best work.
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Brian E. Young

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Wow, powerful episode about how to understand friends with abuse history. Really much needed information.
Listen to The Savvy Psychologist's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Mental Health episodes free, on demand. In today’s episode, we’ll tackle a challenging issue: why some individuals seem to get into one abusive situation after another. There are as many reasons as there are people involved, but there are also some common themes. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers 4 frequent challenges faced by survivors of abuse, plus how y...
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Brian E. Young

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"Openness is positively associated with updating about intellectual topics." Maybe this explains the culture of Google Plus which I find quite intellectual
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Brian E. Young

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This was an interesting read, i imagine it's a divisive set of opinions. 
The response to the Twin Peaks shootout says everything you need to know about how white privilege really works
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Not that much different here in France, except that it's not really color orientated here, more religious orientated.
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Brian E. Young

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Throughout the city we make fun of these sensationalist "Baltimore burned" headlines. As the president of the company at work said, if we hasn't seen it on the news most of us wouldn't have known anything unusual happened. We've all received terrified calls from our out of town friends, family and work associate, terrorized by the media coverage.

The class issues here are important and yet they are overshadowed by the hyperbole. I read an interview with researcher Brene Brown and Oprah where she talks about studying the change in fear in our society since 9/11. Perhaps this is part of that aspect of modern culture. If you didn't question the way the news outlets reports events, question it now. Many headlines and stories are simply not true, many others are at least exaggerated 
The city has a long history of bloodshed. And it’s only gotten worse since the recent upheaval.
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Brian E. Young

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Save money by eating well. It's a thing!
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Brian E. Young

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I love this podcast for understanding self and adults. Useful also when talking with coworkers and other adults who have kids. Loved this line in this episode, that feelings are the result of distress from a thought.
Listen to Happiness Matters Podcast episodes free, on demand. Is your child having a hard time forgiving a classmate for hurting his or her feelings? If you’ve got a grudge-holding or revenge-seeking kiddo, this podcast is for you! Rona and I discuss foundational skills that lead to forgiveness. Part one of two. Listen to over 40,000 radio shows, podcasts and live radio stations for free on your iPhone, iPad, Android and PC. Discover the best of ...
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Brian E. Young

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One, I just noticed that the G+ share has disappeared from both my AddThis Extension and from Google's homepage and search pages. Just wanted to share a simple article, people!!!

Two, I watched Veep last night and since forever. Never even noticed Amy was the girl from My Girl!!!
Child stars often leave the entertainment business after spending their childhood in the spotlight, and we forget about them.
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Brian E. Young

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How do you deal with friends, family, and coworkers who ask for my advice and never take it? I feel like I'm a chronic enabler now that I notice this pattern! 
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Just start saying, "I'd do "X", but do what you want."
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Brian E. Young

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"Brian" was the 14th most popular boy's name in 1982. My name today would be Aiden
See the popularity of every name dating back to 1890
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James.. zzzZzz
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Brian E. Young

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Huge fan of us work!
So grateful to Jodi Steele and Katherine Taylor from DANIEL SMITH: Artists' Materials for all their support, for my great new palette, and for publishing my blog post on their site!
Thomas Schaller The Vibration of Complementary Color
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Brian E. Young

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"Predecisions" I'm a huge planner. Make a plans that work and stick with it for as long as it works. I know I'm gonna go to the gym, pay the bills, do the hobbies, then relax relax relax =)

"Committing to a specific plan for a goal frees up cognitive resources for our other pursuits. So, in addition to helping us be more successful with the specific goal we're planning, planning lets us get on with other stuff too."
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Very friendly service and were able to get the item i needed in stock very quickly. Same day even when everyone else was telling me a week.
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If you work second shift or just want a late night snack, its one of the few places in towson that's open that isn't fast food. It's a great idea for those times with a lot of variety. They are open 24 hours. Towson has a lot of better options for fine dining but this isn't meant to be that.
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