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Brian “TheMasterDS” Doyle
Also known as TheMasterDS on the internet
Also known as TheMasterDS on the internet

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Hey guys, I've come up with a new plan for the scheduling of future Hangouts. I'm IMed the Even-Handed Brigade, they're into it, so now I'm putting it down on this page no one looks at. Basic idea is this. From now on the start time will be a half hour earlier BUT the game will not begin until the 1 hour mark.

So if you have time come early and hang out with the Even-Handed Brigade! We'll watch Youtube, share our desktops and draw dicks on each other's faces for an hour! If not come in around an hour after it starts for the main event. It should be fun!

Taking suggestions for next week's time. Please, pitch in your thoughts as to when is best. Would you like them more frequently perhaps at different times so they're better for UK/Australia on some days? Would you like them less frequently (e.g. every other week) perhaps? Would you like them a half hour earlier or a half hour later? Feedback is helpful.

We're coming up on having 6 members which seems enough to start doing this. For times on week days if we end up doing weekdays what times are right for everybody? I think this mostly comes down to Scraps in Australia and Joe in England. Scraps how early can you play on a weekday? Joe how late can you play?

Probably won't be tonight as I'm seeing The New Marvel Movie With The Raccoon tonight. Maybe over the weekend?

When we get a few more members I'll propose a time to give this a go.

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So in Windows 8 I hear you're able to have a pool of wallpapers that it randomly chooses from every time you wake up the device. The other day I decided that sounded awesome and decided to make a wallpaper for every game that I love (defining love as being one of my favorite games or a very meaningful game) so that it could have a lot to pull from and my wallpaper could reflect my interests more accurately as perhaps a single Paper Mario wallpaper can. Plus when wallpapers change the UI's chrome, e.g. the Taskbar and the Windows, change with it to match! 

I deleted my Wallpaper album because most of them were 1601 by 901 accidentally and I wanted to delete and reupload them all with that fixed. 

They're all done now! All 27 of them. Check them out!

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