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Yet another blind bleeding edge update.
Joined the Android Beta program and upgraded my Nexus 6 to Android N Beta. It's pretty cool, but I'd say it's presently more of an Android Marshmallow on steroids, with lots of usability features added than any revolution.
Search youtube for more detailed reviews, if you care.
Android N, Nutella? Nougat? Narcotics? 

Switched my cellular provider to Google's Project Fi a couple of weeks ago. Complete integration of Hangouts, Google Phone and Messages. Seamless switching between cell calls being routed over WiFi, CDMA or GSM. I'm impressed, and smitten.
After all these years, still a Google fanboy!

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SunTrust removes two year severance clause. Good boy Internet, go fetch!

I upgraded my Nexus 7 yesterday. Marshmallow is what L should have been. This seemed to be the shorted time between two major versions being released. So far, nice job G

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2015 Golf-R, color matches other vehicles, need to take pic of all three together.

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Sold 911 Turbo; Waitlisted on 2015/2016 VW Golf-R

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Kawasaki introduces 310hp jetski. Supercharged 1.5L inline 4
My E46 M3 makes 330hp and is a very fast car. I can only imagine the fun one could have on this jetski; I want one!!!!

Can also be seen on Kawasaki's website.

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I love this head line "Apple is doomed. Google is forever"

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I want this app!
New social app exists to shame d*ckhead parking.

A Kickstarter project is trying to raise money to create an app for posting and sharing pictures of horrible parking.

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Interesting article on city bike safety
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