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Brian Dettman
Personal Injury Attorney in Louisville, Kentucky
Personal Injury Attorney in Louisville, Kentucky


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Every wonder what a lawyer does on a weekly basis:

Monday- Morning observing minor client with a brain injury undergo an EEG at his neurologist office. Afternoon informal mediation with insurance company lawyer on a car crash vertigo injury case.

Tuesday- Drafting and filing a motion for probate court to approve 500K settlement for minor with brain injury.

Wednesday- Morning meeting with a client struck by tractor trailer. Afternoon depositions on Personal Injury Protection litigation.

Thursday- Visits to courthouse and jailhouse. Responding to discovery and demand writing in the afternoon.

Friday- Mediation for two clients who were forced to jump out of a burning building because their landlord pad locked the fire escape. Afternoon deposition on a car crash case where client suffered lumbar herniation.

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