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Posting my first message in a long while to test embedded comments

I've been working with SharePoint since late 2003. I primarily focus on infrastructure - scaling and automation via PowerShell.  Looking forward to seeing some interesting conversations about SP2013 and Office 365!

When I was younger, I never wanted to be that Mainframe guy. The guy who woke up one day surround by all these PCs, these "toys". I always thought they were blind to the sea change, the shift in technology. Now I wonder if they knew it was coming but were paralyzed from make the shift. And if so, why couldn't they. And if so, am I blind as well?

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Got some spare time tonight so I'm playing around with node.js with Azure.

Early Details on Powershell 3.0 Workflows. Should be very interesting

When troubleshooting an issue, always check your hostfile or you're liable to waste an entire night...

Been playing with the Kindle Fire since Thursday and I'm loving it except for a couple things. It does need more approved apps like Dropbox (though you can side load it), Google Maps (or I'll even take Bing Maps), Remember the Milk. But the biggest issue that I have with it so far is the lack of integration with Amazon's Cloud Drive. If I upload a mobi file into my documents folder on the cloud drive, I was hoping that I would see it on the Fire. Nope, you have to email it to the kindle still. It works fine with music, why would they not do it with my documents?!

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Further proof that the new Google reader is a big piece of doo doo. I only have Reader open and that tab takes up 180 MBs (I've seen it go up to 500MBs of RAM) + 24% of the CPU. What the hell is it doing? My laptop is pretty fast - Intel i5 + 8GB of RAM + 128GB SSD drive and it basically unusable. . .

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I want the old Google Reader back.
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