The "circles" concept here on G+ is really powerful. I've been trying to dig up a googler's presentation from at least a year ago where the concept of circles (not necessarily called that) was talked about as a critical missing piece of the current social networking puzzle.

I've long used Facebook as my, "people I know personally" hangout and Twitter as my "open to the world" commentary. I can't help but think the concept of circles makes that separation irrelevant.

The question is: will people really switch? Will the lack of FarmVille (currently, anyway) and Mafia Wars mean that 2/3rds of my FB friends won't switch? I'm currently having an annoying time trying to keep up with 3 social networks*; I'd really like to get back down to 2--and I hate to see G+ be the one that goes.

* Ok, 4 if you count LinkedIn--but honestly, who USES LinkedIn for anything truly social?
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