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The "circles" concept here on G+ is really powerful. I've been trying to dig up a googler's presentation from at least a year ago where the concept of circles (not necessarily called that) was talked about as a critical missing piece of the current social networking puzzle.

I've long used Facebook as my, "people I know personally" hangout and Twitter as my "open to the world" commentary. I can't help but think the concept of circles makes that separation irrelevant.

The question is: will people really switch? Will the lack of FarmVille (currently, anyway) and Mafia Wars mean that 2/3rds of my FB friends won't switch? I'm currently having an annoying time trying to keep up with 3 social networks*; I'd really like to get back down to 2--and I hate to see G+ be the one that goes.

* Ok, 4 if you count LinkedIn--but honestly, who USES LinkedIn for anything truly social?
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Google+ falls into that category of i didn't know what i was missing until i saw it done this way. As a below average, annoyingly pragmatic "early adopter," circles seems so simple in concept and in use that I wonder why FB could never do it this way. I like the Sparks feature and the mobile app, which is very tight.

For those who don't work in tech-related fields or are otherwise not tech enthusiasts, I wonder about adoption rates for G+ as well, but G+ has an upside that things like Wave didn't ... within a few hours of poking around G+, my perception is that it works well and is designed well. I never felt that way with my limited use of Wave.

This post popped up yesterday about business implications for G+. I think this will help adoption rates moving into the future, possibly, where things like Yammer have been slow on the uptake:

If I can get my family using G+, I'll know G+ has a future outside of just the tech and social community.

Forgot to mention: This is an edited comment to my comment. Another cool feature. AND...the fact that G+ has a "data liberation" element built in is also a move in the right direction.
It really depends on what G+ evolves into. Right now it's enjoyable because it's so new, but once that newness wears off it's going to need to impress and have enough people that use it rather than FB or Twitter.
I have a feeling people won't switch because of all their pictures on Facebook
Thus far I am loving this. The 'Circles' feature is amazing. There have been times I've wanted to post something on FB but worried certain eyes shouldn't see it, so I've just kept it to myself or ran over to Livejournal with it. Google+ eliminates that problem! But ultimtely it depends on where everyone ends up. I wold love to see everyone migrate to Google+, but if most remain on FB then that's probably where I'll remain because it'll be easier to keep in touch with people that way. I dont want 5654653468345 social networks to remember to use each day.
I think a lot of people will try it just because of all the buzz... Then all the people I don't want to really talk to will pretty much abandon it when they realize that there's no farmville...

I'm hoping this can provide appropriate separation from the idiots that Facebook can't seem to do...
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