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Brian Crescimanno
Father, Husband, UI Engineer, Cocktail Aficionado
Father, Husband, UI Engineer, Cocktail Aficionado

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Didn't realize that I would need to register ahead of time for my wife for the SO track and meals--does anyone know if there's a way to get in in that now that we're already here?

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I'm officially giving a great, big +1 to this weekend. Out for Sushi on Friday night with my family and my son was good through the whole meal! Saturday we went to the mall, the park, and then had a BBQ with our neighbors and their daughter (who's 3 years old and had a blast being the "big kid"). Top it all off today with a big victory for the USA at the Women's World Cup, picking up a new bottle of Cachaca, and my boy being in about the best mood ever.

My weekend was great; hope yours was too!

Playing with the mobile version of the google+ site. Impressed!

The "circles" concept here on G+ is really powerful. I've been trying to dig up a googler's presentation from at least a year ago where the concept of circles (not necessarily called that) was talked about as a critical missing piece of the current social networking puzzle.

I've long used Facebook as my, "people I know personally" hangout and Twitter as my "open to the world" commentary. I can't help but think the concept of circles makes that separation irrelevant.

The question is: will people really switch? Will the lack of FarmVille (currently, anyway) and Mafia Wars mean that 2/3rds of my FB friends won't switch? I'm currently having an annoying time trying to keep up with 3 social networks*; I'd really like to get back down to 2--and I hate to see G+ be the one that goes.

* Ok, 4 if you count LinkedIn--but honestly, who USES LinkedIn for anything truly social?

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Ok, add this Google bar to Chrome as an extension (I bet someone already has) and I'll be using Google+ all over the damn place.

What's weird, though, is that I can't figure out why that's my first thought with G+ and I've never even considered something like that for Twitter or FB. Hrmm...interesting tactic, Google!

Finally got an invite to Google+; setting up the circles was the most fun so far. Honestly though, so far it really is just FB or Twitter done over again.

I'll try it for a few days; hopefully they open the floodgates a bit. The power of a social network is directly proportional to the number of connections I can make in that network.

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