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Here's my take on the new 2012 VW Beetle (which is no longer called the New Beetle). Still not for me; is it for you?
Watch this video on CNET TV: The new Beetle makes a pitch for guys, too.
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Not for me. I imagine this car to be for lady owners. Also, neither this nor the previous design are Beetles, they are only Beetle-like in their curves. They should call this "Vehicle Reminiscent of the Beetle for Ladies" or VRBL for short.
Like the look a lot more and most likely the 5 cylinder would be the better choice, but not for $20,000. Of course I will always be a truck guy.
Liked your comment about the 2.5 inline 5 engine, as that is what is in my Jetta SportWagon. I do like the way that it performs, and in the Beetle, would probably be even a little better as it is a bit lighter and shorter.
Actually, for me the 2012 model is a lot less feminine than the "new beetle" design. It is reminiscent of a newer Porsche 911 design wise. I like that the Beetle finally gets the same double din slot for the OEM head units that previously fit every other VW model except the Beetle, like the RNS-510 I have in my Passat. I'd like to see a high performance version of this, was kinda disappointed at the limited edition preorder. Would have been nice to see something with more HP but this is a step in the right direction IMO. A lot of people say this doesn't look beetle-like, but how many cars look like their distant predecessors?
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