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My 2011 Dodge Charger video is up: I'd wait until next year. Would be twisted if I bought one and direct injection came along soon after to go with the 8-speed ZF automatic that is coming imminently in the 2012 model.
Watch this video on CNET TV: The new Charger gets us halfway there.
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I'm not fond of that interior at all, it looked as though you were stuffed in there like a sardine!
One day Dodge will get the interior right. Chrysler makes such beautiful cars, why can't the interior match? Any thoughts? I know we all poke fun at it but how hard is it to do? The Ford Focus has a decent interior, why can't a Charger or Challenger have the same?
Clifford I agree American manufacturers have finally started to abandon the K car concept but interiors look as though they were done by interns.
So you mentioned interns. Being an IT guy I've got a great idea, how hard would it be for Chrysler to team up with Google to design their interior. Okay, so they have no background in Auto design but with their ingenuity and creative genius I'm sure it would be amazing.
+clifford scroggs It could hardly be worse. Thankfully they are using better materials on the interior of American cars now but design is lacking. I'm all for that collaboration though!
Yes, the materials are better than the style of the Charger cabin, certainly the IP, which looks just inelegant. I can't put my finger on it but Audi and Kia, for example, just do a better job. The Charger's gauges, for example, are just gaudy.
I've always loved Audi interiors and the simplicity of the BMW interior minus the I drive nonsense, most German makers with the exception of Mercedes have impressed me with their interiors, even VW. Kia though has made a huge improvement with interior quality, simple and with decent materials. I can't understand how the Dodge's can just be so drab and have such poor quality. It's 2011 and they're being beat out by Kia, Hyundai and Mazda, none of which make a personable "production" car like the charger or challenger. Honestly I drive a 2010 Mustang GT and one of the reasons I fell in love with it was the improvement in the interior which still has much to improve. The Challenger in my opinion would be my hands down favorite design of an affordable American car but they would have to do drastic changes interior wise to get my business. I still think they should look into my teaming with Google idea lol.
+clifford scroggs Chrysler/Dodge got stuck in the muscle car mentality, they had a brief respite with Iaccoca but didn't continue. The need to pay attention to more than what is under the hood. American cars save the cars of the 50s when the T-bird etc were the cats pajamas have lost their drive and focus. These days drivers want much more than horse power and Soviet styled interiors.

+Brian Cooley My measure has always been to take cars that are 5 years old and measure them against each other to see how much attention to detail and longevity the manufacturers put into their product. At 5 years some interiors look 10 or more years old, sad but true.
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