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Her diary versus his diary. Classic.
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We're not talking 'motorcycles' are we? :)
funny, but in my case the roles are reversed...without the motorcycle, unfortunately. Man, that would be awesome if my wife had a motorcycle.
story of my life.
Laughing out loud in my cubical! So true.
Oh, have I been in this situation before. LOL
Needs the final punchline as he drifts off to sleep. "... at least I got laid though"
Wait, he actully wrote something in his Diary? Wow..That's dedication!
LOL - My brain hurts just thinking about it. I am so glad my wife isn't like this.
You don't really need more than 1 line for a diary.
how did this make it as the top Google+ Hot post, when this photo already made it to the Hot stream via 2 other people?

hmmm...maybe it doesn't show you your own posts? Maybe it is personalized based on who you follow?

I just checked again, and you're still up there, at least for me

geez people need to take a break every now and then
Poor guy probably just needed to clean out his carbs.
Replace "diary" with "blog". Reverse the roles. Enable ability to use search engine for basic problem solving (motorcycle won't start).
Really!? This is whats hot on Google+? This is seventh grade at its best. My space was for kids, Facebook is for college kids, Google+ should be for adults. Spark are interest with some crazy new invention that just came out or keep us informed on Republicans dismantling the EPA! Theres a million things that should be "hotter" than this! And you might get more/better comments and a little desire to see whats actually "hot"! Instead we get this shit.
Priceless. Total paranoia. Wall-to-wall LoL :)
+Andrew O'Connor I can't believe you just took time out of your life to complain. What exactly did you accomplish? You clearly have more important things to do, so go do them. Thanks, and best wishes.
+Andrew O'Connor Sometimes people just want to lol and forget about all the important stuff. I agree those things should be discussed but we need a good laugh every now and then too.
women are from Venus, men are from Mars, we are not the same but we can be most incredible together, you just have to be in the right relationship, Although the most important thing I find, after 10 years of marriage is be most honest with each other. No honesty=no relationship
Yeah, well his 7 little words sure could have prevented a lot of grief (for her anyway). : )
Women need to know what we're thinking and feeling,we as men need to learn how to give it to them!
If I had a nickel for every time this happened, I would be a rich man.
What can I say? What man wouldn't worry about his motorcycle?
Seems just like my relationship with my wife.
I would feel the same, if it was my computer.
Terrific!! I just want to say: 女人心,海底针。
That crap's sad. Men suck at communicating.
Silence is deadly, and to treat someone like that (man or woman) because of being hung up about a motorcycle not starting...dude has issues.
Why can't women just believe us when we say it has nothing to do with them? If they took us for our word, they'd save themselves a lot of heartache...
Laughing at what seems to be a universal truth. Not sure why it is so funny.
Did he ever figure out why the motorcycle didn't start? That's what is really important here! 
Lets all pretend that classic communication problems are actually a difference between genders, after all, our goal should be to propagate such ridiculous expectations on men and women and increase everyone's relationship problems! Men, you should never say something as simple as "honey, I'm just worrying about how to fix my motorcycle" when a woman asks a simple question. And women, you should all pretend that it is just one case of odd behavior that makes you cry at night, not a long history of poor communication and justifiable insecurity due to a partner's complete lack of acknowledgment of any compassionate questions you may ask. I think this is a rather modest proposal we can all implement in our lives.
+Terrance Hockless Sorry son, but I've got a company to run, and don't waste my life at Reddit. So I only got to laugh at this, and you, today.

And was it last week, or "like" last week? I don't consider time in terms of similes, sorry.
Elly, you should buy a motorcycle yourself...
Women from Venus and Men from Mars
We always get the planet with the monsters! Your welcome women ;)
hahaha classic issue...its amazing how we have set foot on the moon but yet still struggle in communicating with our significant other
+J skelz and +Milos Obradovic You're right, I'm wrong, you are clearly paragons of communication and reasoning. If only I understood how the complexity of life is a fair rebuttal to anything I said, or how I myself owning a motorcycle would change my understanding of the poor communication displayed in this comic. Is the implication that I should get a hobby and stop ruining your fun, or stop asking you to rationally consider the implications of this? Just as the first person who raised honest criticism was told to do? If that is the response, I consider my point made.
"He's not distant he's my husband."
Lol even if he said something about the motorbike she'd just think he loved it more than her and cry anyway.
well if she read her husbands diary, she won't feel sad, and he will wish she still was
LMAO that's a good one and is sooooo true!
Marriage councilor diary:
$400.00 session today on communication...I love my job!
mIkeY j
he's just keeping it simple and she's changing a perfect moment, lol
l laughed, I cried, I started my motorcycle...
+J skelz another cleverly crafted remark intended only to 'sush' me and not addressing why you disagree with me.
Sounds about right to me, actually my motorcycle won't start either!
+boo Jay another cleverly crafted remark intended only to 'sush' me and not addressing why you disagree with me. Please, allow me to be creative next time?
classic example of communication gap:)
boo Jay
+Ellysa Chenery At least you admitted it was clever. In spite of the copy and paste, I'll take it. BTW, I wasn't trying to shush you nor do I disagree with you, but I am, however, all of a sudden in the mood for sushi!
Maybe its just me but since when do MEN need diaries. Last i checked that was for Chicks not MEN. She might want to stop writing in her diary and find out if he has his MAN card on him. LOL
+boo Jay have I misunderstood you? Or did your earlier post imply that I was like "the typical sensitive woman" writing the diary? And then did you offer your manly shield of protection? Which is demeaning.
boo Jay
+Ellysa Chenery I'm sure it seemed that way, but in reality I was just being playful and I expected you to retaliate, which you have.
+boo Jay Thanks, I have a much better grasp on why you felt you had something to say to me now. You were just playfully reinforcing aspects of the picture you have stated you disagree with. Without actually including any real criticism of it. Or response to my argument. Clever.
Did anyone actually ask what was wrong with the poor guys bike???
Another version, Real lost in that match in man's diary
I think men are not cryptic and hence not commuicating that way! Women, always like to hint or point out indirectly... Men as they are, do not understand the hints as they do not try to read between the lines and take the communication on face value! So, for women men are stupid and stone hearted! For men women are over sensitive and hard to understood!
bull crap, men are men... the you do have the pansy's out there who understand women s are not the weeping oversensitive types..were logical. women are the ones who need communication,...emotional dramas !!!!
I saw this on g+ already, and I understand its attempt at humor, but it is actually pretty sexist. It re-enforces stereotypes and rigid gender roles that women are over-emotional and unstable and men are stoic and silent. I recognize my comment actually adds to the chances of it showing up in the "what's hot" section, but it's important to me to make sure that anyone seeing this post knows that not everyone agrees with its message.
its tru dt smtimes silence of our dear ones is unbearable......... bt if she could understand his silence, den she hr love fr him wud b a step higher
u need to feel dem thru der silence smtims
I was gonna believe this... then I saw... "HIS DIARY" WTH?!?!?! The man kept a diary? He's not a real man!!!
No really it is just that my damn bike wont start and I am deep in thought on how to fix it!
All they needed was a good ride and both would have felt better...LOL
Girls think a lot
Always making the simple more complex. Is it possible to be too observant??
wow, seriously, us men are not that simple, but this does reflect relationship-daily.
The other version I've read had HIS DIARY saying "Who the hell 4-putts?" For golfers, we can all relate to that feeling.
Funny, but apparently these two lack in their communication. 
Hmmm. Now he's got me wondering why his motorcycle won't start. Could it be the...nah, he probably already thought of that. At least he didn't let it keep him up all night wondering,.
Sometimes the "his diary" could be "Got memory leak in my app, cant figure out why.."
that's a marriage based on advise given in glossy magazines ... unfortunately, so many are!
So true. But women and men know that the opposite gender thinks differently. Keeping that in mind it shouldn't end in problems or arguments.

Laughing because it's true, at least for me. Lol

Thinking differently makes it so interesting!
Wow that just about sums it up. Crazy!! We are such simpletons - ain't it great!
All this makes the argument for the need to 'Buy a new motorcycle' so much easier! "But Honey, it's the best thing for US!" ;-)
Love the photo and the writeup. So good! Thanks for sharing!
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